Jobs for local, golf tourism and a committed US$100 billion township development

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Golf is a ‘luxury’ my ex Japanese bosses enjoyed the most in Malaysia when they were based here long time ago. ‘Luxury’ here is not just the money part. They told me that due to the sheer demand vs supply back in Japan, it’s tough to get playing time and one would usually have to book weeks in advance. However when they came to Malaysia, they suddenly have so many choices.

There’s another one in Forest City, Johor.  Reported in here. Country Garden Pacificview (CGPV) has unveiled RM1.8 billion Forest City Golf Resort and Jack Nicklaus Designed Forest City Legacy Golf Course. The resort has hired more than 150 employees and Country Garden Malaysia Director of Strategy Ng Zhu Hann said the company plans to increase job openings as business activities ramp up. CGPV also shared that it has created 1,200 jobs as at today from its US$100 billion Forest City township development. 80 percent of all these jobs were taken by locals. It aims to generate economic growth through eight key industries – tourism and MICE, healthcare, education and training, regional headquarters, nearshore finance, e-commerce service base in Asean, application of emerging technique and service centre, and sectors related to a green and smart city.

Ng said, “Forest City Golf Resort and the Jack Nicklaus designed Forest City Legacy Course will attract golfing enthusiasts from all over the world and elevate the state of Johor’s golfing tourism reputation in the region as this is a world class championship course. This will also in turn draw major investments, promote state tourism, opportunities and skill transfers to the locals.” According to CGPV, Forest City Golf Resort is the 27th golf course in Johor. Forest City Golf Resort and Golf Course general manager Arthur Yeo said the new course, called the Legacy Golf Course, will have a “desert-style” concept, surrounded by mangroves and natural water features — making this a one-of-a-kind golf course for novice and professional players. Here’s the report in

When we look at the attracting players from all over the region to such a world-class course, we need to also think about the connectivity part. For example, Johor’s International airport. I know, it’s not that easy because it’snext to the Singapore’s. It is okay, how about using Singapore’s Changi airport as a base but with direct and easy links to the golf course. It should all be within a package. Seriously, if a 3-5 day packaged golf-course cum vacation package can be promoted really well, we are really looking at never ending supply of golf players from all over the region. It does not need to be weekends lah. Nothing to stop a few Japanese corporate buddies in Tokyo to say, ‘Let’s go JB tomorrow for golf,’ during one of their drinking sessions and they book the package online, fly to JB / SG and starts playing the very next day! Flight time is just 7 hours (to SG) and 9 hours (JB direct) anyway. Golfers, go and enjoy.

written on 1 Sept 2018

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