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HSR KL – SG: Win-Win, Joint Statement soon.

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Remember the saga of High Speed Rail KL – SG (HSR)? My views much earlier: Focus on the new demand, not just the existing. That’s the key to HSR’s attractiveness. There’s no need to think too much on the negative side for now. Both of them (the men) were smiling. Take a look at the image.  Frankly, if the meeting was merely to say, ‘I want to cancel but don’t charge me (Malaysia side) or If you dare to cancel or postpone, I will have to charge you (Singapore side), these two ministers surely cannot be smiling for the camera. Okay, perhaps the smile happened before the start of the meeting? Haha. Anyway, the photo is from the Facebook post of Singapore’s Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan for the KL-Singapore HSR project. I think he (Khaw) had posted a photo reflecting the situation after the meeting.

This was what was reported in Straits Times SG: Joint Singapore-Malaysia decisions on HSR and RTS link to come soon: Khaw Boon Wan. Singapore’s Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan said that Malaysia and Singapore are likely to come to decisions on both the KL-SG HSR and the JB-SG Rapid Transit System (RTS) soon. He further shared that both he and Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali were “brainstorming ideas on how to further our bilateral relationship”. He added, “We should be able to announce our joint decisions on RTS and HSR soon.”  Reported in Closer to win-win, Azmin tweeted this, “We are inching closer towards a win-win deal on HSR, thanks to the hardwork of officials from both sides.”  Perhaps even more positive would be remarks in an article in NST which is said to be from Khaw. He wrote, “Always delightful meeting Minister Azmin Ali, brainstorming ideas on how to further our bilateral relationship. There is so much we can do together, for mutual benefits. He is an inspiring leader.” Here’s that NST article. 

I think beyond the meetings and the smiles, it’s about time that the joint statement comes in the near future. No timelines were stated but if they say soon, surely it should be in September and not in January 2019. It’s not going to help both countries if the uncertainties persist without clear information. Google about this issue and we will all agree that it’s usually confusion or negative. Yes – No – Maybe – Yes – No and Maybe. Sigh… If I am a foreign investor, it will not just affect my investment decision along the HSR Line. It will affect my decision on any investment into Malaysia and Singapore because previously, the HSR KL – SG was touted by both countries as another economic catalyst. Happy following.

written on 30 Aug 2018

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