Starting it right. RENs can be a career of choice.

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Real estate negotiator (RENs) can be a career of choice with the right support. There are many good agencies in the market out there. It will not help if we join one where no one knows anyone and there’s zero trainings and guidance provided by the agency. Joining a good agency will determine the success of one’s REN journey. This is true whether it’s for a newbie or even a non-newbie! I had the opportunity to speak to a newbie and a non-newbie recently. Both are from Chester Properties (Melaka Branch)   One of them was a full-time housewife who wanted to earn some pocket money to help the family. The other only wanted to join as an admin person. To her, selling seems daunting. Let’s listen to the newbie tell us how she managed to do it. Her name is May.

First question I asked her, ‘Was it a tough time when you first started?’ She laughed and said that the first 3 months were the hardest. She did know know if she had ventured into something useful. She does not have her own listings and had to start to find them. However, she had access to shared listings and this helped her start. Team leads would also follow her on viewings at first and this helped to calm her.

When asked for the three ingredients for her success as one of the Top Rookie Star award winner, she says without any doubt is having the RIGHT TEAM LEADER. Her team leader is always willing to share, always patiently explaining and even went out for viewings with her to give her the confidence and in turn providing her with the usual viewing tips. Beyond just the close support from the team leader, the company provided her with WEEKLY TRAININGS which helped to move her up with industry knowledge faster. For example, trainings about SPA fees, RPGT and more. She said, ‘I was only a housewife, I do not know all these but after attending all these trainings, I become more confident in speaking and sharing with customers.’ The third reason why she’s successful is because there’s TEAMWORK even between different teams in the branch at all times  Everyone is ever willing to teach and share. (I think this is a CULTURE which should be ingrained in all agencies. No point in having top stars but the juniors never improve).

Her advice to new RENs: There is no substitute for working hard. One must keep learning and have the discipline to attend all the trainings arranged by the branch. She then shared something which I knew all along. She spoke about an awesome and no-nonsense person. The person in charge is Barry Ong (Also known as Bong). Let me share about Barry as well. Many years ago, a REN called Barry whom I just got acquainted helped to sell my condo which was already put up for sale in the market for 3 months without success. The price I wanted was RM430k. Barry told me to move out ALL my remaining stuffs and then repaint the place. Imagine this, a REN asking the owner to spend extra before he would sell my place. Anyway, I trusted him and spent an additional RM2,500 but he sold my condo for RM460k!  He is currently the person in charge of Chester Properties (Melaka Branch)

The second person I spoke to DID NOT even join as a real estate negotiator. Her name is Fatimah. She joined as an admin exec. Her result after 5 months of performing her admin role? She’s becoming a good admin but at the same time, she managed to sell 15 units of properties! I asked what’s the three reasons for her success. She said the first one is COOPERATION between all the teams. The enthusiasm among her team-mates helped to push her to be more confident too. OPPORTUNITY is also given to all. As as admin, she got the chance to also join and listen to all the sharing about properties both internal and external. Beyond just that, she reports to Carine, someone who gave her the ENCOURAGEMENT to look beyond just doing admin role. Due to this, when she asked if she could sell, she was taught how to do it successfully.
She said that in the beginning, she knew nothing about real estate. She was just looking for an admin job and was hoping to join a friendly company. However, a team lead Johari told her this. “Don’t think. Just Do.”  Successful people needs to take actions!
All the best to both of them as they continue their adventure in the real estate world. Cheers.
written on 10 Aug 2018

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