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Happy 61st Merdeka Day my Malaysia. Always ‘Setia’ to you.

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If Malaysia is a working professional, 61 years old would mean the year that the person starts to enjoy his life or starts to worry for his future (retirement). I am just joking. We still have a 93-year old working Malaysian! Thank you as well my PM for telling me that 93 is just a bigger number. Let’s start to enjoy the positive sentiment and work ever harder for our dear Malaysia shall we? Despite the many worries about the relationship between Malaysia and China, the meeting between our Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir and China Premier Li Keqiang showed a totally different story. Take a look at the image yeah. Facial expressions are everything I think. (Google for the one for Merkel and Trump to understand..) As a blogger, I should do some writing for Merdeka day right? Okay, let me present a short poem for Malaysia this Merdeka Day.

The only country for me, my Malaysia

The country that I missed every time I am overseas,
The country that I devote my dedicated loyalty,
The country I believe is the best for me and family,
The country I love, ever since I was born in the 70s,
The country I will continue to love as I start my 40s,
The country I will be buried when I end my life journey,
The country is my Malaysia, you are my one and only,
Wholeheartedly, thank you for all the opportunities.
Happy Merdeka Day my Malaysia. Always ‘Setia’ to you.

I saw one nice video from IOI Properties (Click here to reach their FB page) which I would like to share below. Happy viewing and let me know your thoughts yeah. If there are other awesome videos, please share too.

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