Highland Towers redevelopment. A park perhaps.

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I love public spaces in the many countries I visit. For example, the gardens in the many Australian cities I have visited are usually well maintained and it’s enjoyed by many families. Just a week ago, I was at the Menjalara Lake park. I think it’s well maintained and there were lots of people from all walks of life enjoying a stroll or a run there. Image attached. I think as Malaysia moves on from a developing nation to a developed one, one thing we must have would be recreational public spaces. This is for everyone to relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Another one may be coming in Ampang. Actually, it’s an interesting piece of news. Yes, there has been many cynical remarks in Facebook when it was announced that the infamous Highland Towers would be redeveloped into a park or recreational space. Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said, “I was made to understand that the Highland Towers site is not suitable for buildings or houses, so one idea is for it to be turned to a park or recreational space. I will ensure that the ministry will approve the plan for the park if that is the committee’s intention. Having a park would also be beneficial to the people, particularly those in my constituency.” The redevelopment plan is from The Highland Towers redevelopment committee and it is now at the planning stage in terms of coming up with ideas to redevelop the site in Ampang. Zuraida added that the committee had met five times and identified the property owners, as well as sort out legal matters. Here’s that reference in TheStar. 

For the younger ones, this is an easy to read understanding about the Highland Towers.  I was in secondary school and I remember watching the television (RTM of course) showing the scene where in the background, the firemen were doing their best and they had sniffing dogs to help them too. In total the tragedy claimed 48 lives. I think I agree with the redevelopment plan (if it’s really a park / recreational space) but as usual, it is the financing part that will involve a bit more details. Surely the park will not be built with public money or from the Housing and Local government ministry’s current allocations. If this is the case, then there are a lot other parks which will also be asking for the same. When the financial part has been sorted out, it may be good for the plans to be shared so that all the stakeholders can also put forth their ideas too. Perhaps the minister can be the moderator in this case. Happy following.

written on 20 Aug 2018

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