Johor to SG will have a third link by 2022 or earlier?

The more links between both sides (Johor – SG), the better it will be. More SMEs in Singapore can be expand their business with management on one side and production on the other. Iknow Singaporean SMEs can also build their factories in Batam By the way, the minimum wage for Batam is already set at […]

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HSR KL – SG: Win-Win, Joint Statement soon.

Remember the saga of High Speed Rail KL – SG (HSR)? My views much earlier: Focus on the new demand, not just the existing. That’s the key to HSR’s attractiveness. There’s no need to think too much on the negative side for now. Both of them (the men) were smiling. Take a look at the image.  […]

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Missing ingredient is not just the product yeah. It’s the ‘last mile connection.’

This article was inspired by Ms. R who spoke to me about a company she may be joining. Proptech is now the buzzword of the real estate industry. Proptech is simply property technology. It is huge and there are way too many things inside currently. Remember those days when real estate marketing people used flyers […]

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Are we “Earning, Saving, Investing and Preserving?”

Some say money is the root of all evil. Well, I am not sure what we should say with reports that people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and even Mark Zuckerberg will be leaving most of their wealth with charity instead. I think money is a great enabler, a tool to do a lot of […]

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Not official yet. Undecided. Assess first. Please write in to me.

This article received a lot of clicks yesterday: Country Garden’s CEO’s earlier confidence and our PM’s latest remarks ‘not for foreigners’  Anyway, the main person for real estate industry has spoken. Our Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said that the decision to ban foreign buyers for units in Country Garden Holdings’ Forest City development in Johor […]

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Penang Property Convention 2018. FREE for Early Birds.

Taking Miichael’s words, ‘Learning about property investment is extremely important before we start. This is one event that everyone should not miss.’  Now, for my own sentence. Yes, I am one of the speakers sharing my views about working professionals and their property investment. Personally, I think it’s important for everyone to have a roof […]

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Will we spend when we rent? Do we do more when we own.

In one of my previous employments, I was tasked to look for a new office. I decided that I would ONLY look for offices which are partially renovated. Somehow I found one where the tenant had just moved out and somehow, their main wall at the reception was painted the same colour that I wanted! […]

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Country Garden’s CEO’s earlier confidence and our PM’s latest remarks ‘not for foreigners’

Just days ago, this was what Hong Kong-listed property developer Country Garden Holdings founder and chairman Yeung Kwok Keung said of Malaysia as reported in Chinese daily Nanyang Siang Pau. “I am confident that Malaysia, under the leadership of [Prime Minister] Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, will continue to welcome foreign businesses and investors. Therefore, I intend to […]

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Expert Series with Australian Property Developer – Ken Dodds about the Melbourne property market

Charles Tan of Kopi and Property speaks with Ken Dodds- Resimax Group partner and director of Resimax Malaysia. Ken Dodds is uniquely qualified to offer insights and guidance to anyone wishing to improve their ability to identify, research and negotiate solid real estate deals. Ken has earned a reputation as a respected international speaker at […]

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Property sales may suffer when it’s hillslopes and flood prone areas

We have often been reading about the Klang Valley property market. Here’s one recent one: High end KL condos, future looks brighter? More units coming  Do we know what’s happening with the Penang property market? Here’s one article in TheStar quoting many property experts.  In brief, Penang’s unsold supply of residential units are concentrated in the higher-end […]

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