MAPEX Perak 2018: Choices, freely. Comparisons, easily. Learning from speakers, free.

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Decisions are not usually made without any potential comparisons. A good friend just asked me about two potential properties. I asked her to go and talk to the sales people at the respective sales galleries. She said it will take a lot of her time since both the galleries are not that close to one another. If she happened to be in Ipoh, perhaps she would be able to decide easier and more objectively too. The reason? A property expo where the ‘sales galleries’ are now next to one another and the developers would really have to put in more effort to tell you more.

Perak’s largest Property Expo is back with the theme of INNOVATION for Life and Living. It will be organised by Real Estate and Housing Developers Association Perak.(REHDA). According to REHDA Perak chairman Tony Khoo, potential homebuyers can expect to save up to between 5% and 10% during the 2018 Perak Malaysia Property Exhibition (Mapex). He shared that attractive discounts will be offered during the three-day exhibition, to be held at the Ipoh Parade shopping mall from Aug 3 to 5. He said, “It will be a great time to dive into the property market. Some developers are offering discounts due to the zero-rated Goods and Services Tax (GST). Legal fees will also dropped by 6%.”

Khoo also shared that he is expecting a crowd of 30,000 and that sales should reach RM30 million this year compared to RM20 million last year.  Organising chairman Jacqui Ng said the exhibition will feature 47 booths and 23 have already been taken up by developers. She shared that there has been a lot of marketing activities carried out for the event and that beyond just projects within Perak, there will also be projects from Penang, Johor and Selangor too. There will also be informative talks from industry experts on topics such as property investing, feng shui and smart-homes systems. In fact there are also performances such as cultural dances, cheerleading and a brass band. Most importantly, she added, “Buyers also stand a chance to win a grand prize from the lucky draw held at the end of the exhibition.”  Mapex will be open from 10am to 10pm from Aug 3 to 5. Venue is Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall. 

For developers reading this, I think it’s a fair not to be missed. Decisions are usually made when people are able to compare. Potential buyers may not want to drive to 5 different sales galleries to compare but if they do come to a fair, their decision could be much faster. Plus if they buy, they are entitled to the lucky draw and discounts, remember?  Just DOWNLOAD the Sales Kit to understand more  Or DOWNLOAD the Layout HERE. or just contact Ms. Anna at 05 – 253 1472 / 05 – 253 4650. See you during the expo yeah. I will be one of the speakers with the topic of, “The future for property market with RM22 billion unsold units as at Q1 2018.”  There has been way too many reports about the impact that these unsold units would have on the market. Let me share in 45 minutes on what has happened, all the potential happenings and comparisons using latest numbers. We should only make decisions when we understand what’s really happening right? Happy visiting and see you soon.

written on 25 July 2018 for MAPEX Perak 2018.


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