Simplicity in comparing for better decision making

These days, it’s easy to compare before we buy, subscribe to a service, applying for a home loan or even putting our Angpow money into a fixed deposit. For the last one, it used to be ‘just put in the nearest bank or my favourite banklah.’ Well, the rate could be very different yeah especially for a substantial amount. For example, a savings of RM10,000 into a Malaysian bank can yield an interest of RM405 or even as low as RM295. As you can see, the difference is more than enough for a family dinner for 4 in a restaurant. Want to know more? Click here to compare the FD rates for banks in Malaysia.

We compare best deals whenever we book hotel rooms, when we buy flight tickets and even when we do online shopping! We just want the best deal so that we can save and use the savings for even more of other products and services. Speaking of comparison sites, there are many in Malaysia and here’s one that I used  recently:   This is what it says about ‘how to use me?’  SEARCH, COMPARE and GO. Yes, I think it is now by far easier to just use one site to search,compare and go instead of driving to different banks, parking at different insurance companies or even calling up 10 different friends selling ten different credit cards.

gobear  says that 29 million users have found what they were looking for. Within the main page of gobear, we could see it has comparisons for people looking for Travel Insurance (click here), Car Insurance (click here), Credit Cards (click here), Personal Loans (click here) and even Deposit Accounts too.  Quite extensive, really. Beyond just comparisons, there is also a blog and here are a few of the interesting articles for some readings too:

Your 2018 Mid Year Money Review: 8 Things You Should Do. 

Can you apply for a Personal Loan if you have been blacklisted? 

7 Most Dangerous Countries for Malaysians to visit? 

GoBear started in 2015 and since then has grown from its home market of Singapore to serving millions of users across Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and, soon, Indonesia. So, the next time you think about comparing before applying, here’s another site for your comparison needs. Happy getting the best deals yeah.

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