Upcoming sharing: Property prices are too high & oversupply in the market. Still invest?

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I will be speaking in’s Home& Property Investment Fair in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 20 – 22 July 2018. My session is on Sunday. (Hopefully it’s save the best for last?) For this talk, I will be sharing something that’s on the mind of many people. On one hand, the market is slow and on the other hand, the number for oversupply is on uptrend. For the seasoned investors, they would already have their focus but what about new home buyers? Is it still the time to buy or perhaps one should wait for prices to fall because oversupply surely would cause prices to fall? Do we even know where the unsold units are then? Decisions, decisions and decisions. Hopefully I can provide some direction by sharing some information yeah. Will be seeing some of you people this weekend yeah. I heard the speaker before me, Master Sandy Paw is super-duper Fengshui master.  Hopefully some of her crowd stay back for my talk yeah. Haha. Sunday, 630 – 715pm. Please Register here. 

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