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I would love my future office to be like this. Even for a Gen-X.

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Some years back, when I was still with a company I served for a total of 14 years, a colleague told me that a few junior programmers have rejected to join our company because of our office condition. I was like, ‘Huh? For real?’ I asked if our salary was competitive and the answer was that the salary that was offered was definitely above the average market salaries. The reason? There are better looking offices elsewhere. Actually, what they meant was the office environment. Instead of the usual cubicles, the younger workforce wants nice looking pantries with free coffee from espresso machines. They want to have a ping pong table somewhere inside the office which they have access to ANYTIME they feel stressed. The whole environment should look trendy, modern and well if possible a GAMES room too. Video games should be part and parcel of a good company to join today. It’s already 2018…

I found a very nice one (office) the other day when I was at iProperty.com’s office as a fellow judge for iProperty.com’s Agents’ Advertising Awards 2018. Please take a look at the photos.

Professional looking reception
Pantry. Cool.
With fellow judges







Meal and coffee, comfortably.
Room Melaka! (A Famosa wall)
Room Penang







Room Johor
Individual lockers!
A view, good one.






Yes, I must say that the younger generation would think this is the kind of office which will appeal to them. Actually, it will appeal to even Gen-X like me. I even had a game of ping pong while I was there. Well, if you like the office and you think you qualify as their future staffs, you can definitely deposit your resume here. As for me, will be finding a day to drop by and challenge their senior writer Reena to a ping pong ‘fight.’ Only one winner at the end of our duel… One day, all offices would have to be of this standard if not higher because the ‘younger’ workforce are coming into the market very strongly. The median age for Malaysians? 29… Happy enjoying your working place.

written on 6 June 2018

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