Property bubble bursting only after 2019. Two reasons, says expert.

Remember just days ago the brouhaha about property bubble about to burst? Here’s that article: Property bubble close to bursting due to 3 reasons. Government must be ready.  This ‘prediction’ was widely shared. Anyway, I shared my personal views too about property bubble bursting. There are usually three reasons. Please be reminded that I just a […]

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Executive Suites in TTDI. 298k onwards. Location, Connectivity and Awards.

The mantra has always been location, location and location. Here’s one new launch in TTDI (yes, somehow there is still this piece of land for development) but this is under Malay Reserved. RENCANA ROYALE is an exclusive opportunity for Malay owner to invest in a unique 2 acres development with 13-storey on a commercial land […]

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Oh… SST is supposed to benefit property buyers MORE.

Good and service tax (GST) has been zerorised since 1st June 2018. This meant that from 6 percent previously, it has been zero for the past 2 months. This will be in place for one more month since our new or rather reintroduction of sales and services tax (SST) will be in place from 1st […]

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With RM1 billion, PTMP will be carried out much faster

Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) is important to the future growth of Penang. Let’s not debate on how much benefits it could being versus the cost. Just like the HSR KL – SG, everything is now muddled. The question everyone should just understand is whether there’s a long term benefit. If it is a yes, […]

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The state of the property market in Malaysia (owners and tenants)

I saw this nice pictorial chart from MGAG. Look below. In my mind, I could think of three kinds of property buyers. First timer who’s really scared of buying because it involves a huge commitment (at the beginning, especially). Second time property buyers who is looking for an upgrade after staying in his 700 sq […]

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Slightly up. Recovery in property market Malaysia?

What are your thoughts about the current state of property market? Getting worse? Or even that property bubble bursting prediction? Hopefully we are wrong in our assessment. Knight Frank is telling us otherwise; market is actually getting better.  Should be a piece of good news right? This was what Knight Frank shared in an article in […]

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Understanding 3 property bubble bursting signs and more

There are many reasons why a property bubble may start building and later bursting. This was a recent view from an academician. Property bubble close to bursting due to 3 reasons. Government must be ready.  This view which was published in many media outlets were widely shared and I have received it from many friends. They […]

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Fengshui tips? My learnings from Master Sandy Paw

I arrived early for my talk for iProperty Home & Investment Fair in MidValley and the speaker before me was Master Sandy Paw. (click to go to her FB page). She told the crowd she had over 30 slides but was able to share just a few due to time limitations. She must respect the next speaker. […]

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Bankruptcy: The usual Questions and Answers

Many people asked me if auction properties are usually because the owner became a bankrupt. Simple answer is, NO. It is not necessary the case. In fact these days Public Auction for Owners (PAO) are slowly becoming common. We will visit this in future. Coming back to a bankrupt. How does one become a bankrupt […]

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MAPEX Perak 2018: Choices, freely. Comparisons, easily. Learning from speakers, free.

Decisions are not usually made without any potential comparisons. A good friend just asked me about two potential properties. I asked her to go and talk to the sales people at the respective sales galleries. She said it will take a lot of her time since both the galleries are not that close to one […]

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