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Press Release by PropertyGuru.com.my – Are You Credit Worthy to Banks?

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Press Release by PropertyGuru.com.my – Are You Credit Worthy to Banks?

PropertyGuru’s HAT Helps Malaysians Understand Their DSR to Assess Loan Eligibility

  • PropertyGuru’s Home Affordability Tool (HAT) helps you discover how financiers rate your credit worthiness in just under five minutes
  • GuruDeals extended to June 30 2018 to meet strong consumer interest post GE14

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 June 2018: Despite being launched a little more than a month ago, over 16,000 Malaysians have experienced PropertyGuru’s Home Affordability Tool (“HAT”) – proving that consumers are eager to discover if they are credit worthy enough to secure a bank loan and purchase a home.

Given the lack of complimentary, quick and easy tools for the public, PropertyGuru’sfree-of-charge loan assessment calculatorPropertyGuru.com.my/home-affordability-toolhasreceived strong public support with consumers being able to find out their debt servicing ratio (“DSR”), their maximum home loan eligibility and thus what price of home that most Malaysians could realistically afford.

Linked to the Credit Tip Off Service (CTOS) system, PropertyGuru’s Home Affordability Tool (HAT) just requires prospective buyers to key in their personal details to retrieve their DSR.

According to statistics released by PropertyGuru, the majority of consumers are in the dark about their loan eligibility ratio. Most have a rough idea while others just apply and hope for the best. The end result is high loan rejection rates and plenty of frustration and disappointment among buyers (and sellers too), which has become endemic of the local property market. Worse, some may even obtain loans which they may have difficulty servicing which could lead to financial issues and property foreclosure.

Presently, loan rejection rates vary with the real estate housing developers association (“REHDA”) putting the number as high as 60% while Bank Negara Malaysia states that the situation is progressively improving with rejection rates for 2017 reported at 23.1%.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager, Sheldon Fernandez says that of those who used HATPropertyGuru.com.my/home-affordability-tool, their loan eligibility matches PropertyGuru’s Consumer Sentiment Survey findings that show Malaysians are typically looking at home loan principal sums of betweenRM300,000-RM500,000.

“The median point is about RM400,000 to RM450,000 for maximum loan amount.Most who checked their credit score have a healthy DSR of below 50%. But beyond this, HATre-orientates people’s mindsets so they view their credit worthiness from the perspective of banks rather than relying on their personal assumptions. Most people have a vague idea of what they can afford and proceed to buy a property only to be disappointed when they can’t secure financing. PropertyGuru’s Home Affordability Tool (HAT) helps people set more realistic targets of what they can afford. With this, we hope more Malaysians can be better equipped to buy their dream homes,” shared Fernandez.

PropertyGuru’s Home Affordability Tool is available on a complimentary basis for all who visit propertyguru.com.my. It is the first-ever online loan eligibility solution in Malaysia and is developed in collaboration with MHub – a real estate fintech platform that helps qualified buyers to get their homes – and powered by CTOS – Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency.   It is available free-of-charge at: PropertyGuru.com.my/home-affordability-tool.

Extension to GuruDeals – RM1 million in total consumers’ savings extended to End June

On a separate note, with buyer interest in properties picking up post GE14, PropertyGuru has extended the over RM1 million in discounts to consumers under its GuruDeals campaign to June 30 2018.

A first for South East Asia, under GuruDeals, PropertyGuru is working with six top Malaysian property developers to provide great savings to homebuyers with home prices starting from as low as RM478,000 after discounts. The discounts are provided on top of existing rebates and other promotions which developers have thrown in.

“We see a revival in consumer interest; albeit gradually post GE14. The change in government is potentially ringing in a fresh wave of confidence among homeowners and more are expressing genuine commitment to purchase a home moving forward. If the government is able to achieve its promises within the first 100 days, we foresee the property market will also experience an upwards momentum,” added Fernandez.

“In line with growing interest, we have extended GuruDeals so that more Malaysians can enjoy better savings towards owning a home. Buyers also benefit from developer rendered assistance with regards to upfront costs such as moving cost, legal fees and much more. The GuruDeals properties are exclusive to GuruDeals.PropertyGuru.com.myand units are limited,” added Fernandez.

For GuruDeals this year, PropertyGuru has collaborated with the following property developers: M101 Holdings, UEM Sunrise, EcoWorld, Meraki Land, Kobay and Asia Green. The full list of available properties and details are given at GuruDeals.PropertyGuru.com.my.

– end of press release — 

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