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I am too old to invest. Wow…

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Do you feel you are too old to invest? How old is too old?

Nope, Malaysia is definitely not looking at increasing the retirement age to 93 anytime soon. Haha. However, it was a thought which I have shared a couple of times. Working till 68. Still healthy I guess.  Until what age should we retire, really?

too old to invest
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A close lady friend will be leaving full time employment in 2 months time. She has no firm plans on what to do next. Perhaps a couple of really relaxing holidays first? The reason she could afford to think about ‘not doing anything’ for a while first? She has shares in a bluechip counter in Bursa Malaysia. That would be her foundation to last a long time. She has a couple of properties too which has easily doubled in price on an overall basis based on the price she bought. (Yes, it was me who pushed her into property investment. Yet, she is now retiring while I am still waking up everyday at 730am to prepare to go to work. Haha. What a life…)

Another few years and another friend told me that it is too late for him to invest. It’s better to save the money instead because everything is so volatile. If buy shares, suddenly it can drop a lot, just look at the Malaysian stock market these two weeks. It can be up one day and down the other day. Haha. Actually, I reminded him that this is the same in MOST stock markets of the world. If he’s hoping for a stock market which does not move much or keep moving up, it’s only time that the whole stock market crashes!

When it comes to property, he said he heard that the 1 million new affordable properties by the new government will crash the market too. There will be just too many homes! I pointed this to him: Unsold units? We need more actually.  Secondly, I have not heard from all my richer friends that they will be selling their over a million home and moving into these new affordable homes.

There are many ways to invest and there are also many kinds of investment. If we do not know what are they and what to do, it’s important to start knowing a bit more. The world is changing, everybody knows. The market is volatile, this will be true for a very long time more to come. Well, until A.I (robots) take over this world anyway. 🙂  Here’s that debate recently. A.I voice calling will now identify itself to humans. 

Please stop saying that ‘I am too old to invest.’ One day we will be too old to travel. One day we will be too old to carry our kids. One day we will be too long to climb the staircase. However, we will never be too old to invest. If we hate investing for ourselves, then please invest for our loved ones. I think they need it, even if we do not like or need it. Here’s one good article for everyone to read. It’s about the things that rich people will never say.  Happy following.

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written on 24 May 2018

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1 thought on “I am too old to invest. Wow…”

  1. Absolutely right, It’s very important to know about investment as money will depreciate unconsciously.


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