When sentiment turns positive … plus good fundamental.

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Need positive stories, quotes and even videos? As at 11th May 2018, there are a lot of these on Facebook of Malaysians. For non-Malaysians, it’s time to have at least a few Malaysian friends. Haha. Okay, coming back to business. The Malaysian stock market will end higher in less than a month or perhaps longer BUT consensus view is that the new government promises reforms and this is positive for the market. This was reported in TheStar ‘Analysts and fund managers growing bullish’ For readers of kopiandproperty.com, you would know that I have been saying this for some time; Malaysia is NOT going bankrupt suddenly. It’s also not clever to just say that because some brands closed down, the whole economy is ‘dying.’ Read here: Lots more new brands to enjoy, really. Cheaper and better please.

By the way, the economy is NOT due to one person or party, okay. It’s because of many hardworking Malaysians and it is also due to good people that we have who does not necessarily need to be from the previous government yeah. Even for the new government, for the important positions (for e.g EPF and BNM), please appoint good people and not party people yeah. We are watching you. Anyway, now that we have a new government, perhaps people can start to believe me? Since any news about the economy is now due to the new government. 🙂 Anyway, as per TheStar article, Affin Hwang Assrt Management director of equities strategyand advisory Gan Eng Peng said that many investors would look at Malaysia as a reform play after 60 years of policies and on the “BACK OF A HEALTHY ECONOMY.’ (Have to bold it…)

Meanwhile MIDF Amanah Investment director of corporate investment banking Sherilyn Foong said that the win by Pakatan Harapan is seen as as positive for corporate Malaysia because this would see an enhanced role of the private sector being played out. Retirement Fund Inc chief executive officer Datuk Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad said this about the election result. “This is positive for the country in the medium and long-term outlook. This will also lead to the country learning from its previous mistakes and repairing its shortcomings to ensure better public and corporate governance.” Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd vice-president (research) Vincent Lau said, “We will be recommending clients to buy once the market has calmed. Malaysia has GOOD ECONOMIC FUNDAMENTALS (yes, I have to bold this again)  This is the full article again. 

This morning, I met Dr. Daniele Gambero in his office and he said, ‘Wow, new Malaysia.’ I responded, ‘Malaysia is the same but the SENTIMENT is now very POSITIVE.’  I always believe market is not just about fundamentals but also about how people feel. Usually a positive sentiment would help a lot especially when our fundamental is intact. That decision of whether to buy or not to buy may be made soon. It’s not the same as whether could afford or not afford. Happy investing all my dear happy Malaysians.

written on 11 May 2018

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