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Happy voting and tomorrow can start viewing dee…

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Today, we rest a bit yeah. Just a very short article though there are already a number of saved articles. Mengundi itu dah pasti ya? Itu kewajipan kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia untuk negara tercinta ya. Here’s a nice song for everyone too. Sejahtera Malaysia. ‘Seia, Sekata, Sehati, Sejiwa, Menghadapi Cabaran.’ Remember yeah, we are all Malaysians. I am now in Teluk Intan. Drove down my parents so that they could also exercise their rights. After this, will drive back to Ipoh to vote. My only little wish is that Malaysia continues to get BETTER and hits the prediction of PWC for 2050. So, what do we do after voting? Of course, go eat some good food and this evening wait for the results. What happens tomorrow then? Haha. Start making viewing appointments lah. Property investment takes a very long time and it starts with identifying and viewing yeah. Happy voting, eating and investing.

written in Teluk Intan, 9th May 2018.




  1. Shuner

    Charles, is the result what you hope for? Hehe

    May 15, 2018

      Haha… The result was not what I expected BUT it is the one I hoped should happen. 🙂 Remember yeah, better Malaysia means a better you as well! Better start investing too for many.

      May 16, 2018

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