ECRL? Renegotiation will incur fines, if it happens

We already two huge announcements; the scrapping of the High-Speed Rail and the MRT Line 3. Here’s the article earlier: High-Speed Rail cancellation: versus flight tickets and experts’ views Next question, is the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) going to be scrapped as well? Well, I personally think it will continue. Yes, I saw some charts […]

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Of cost efficiency, higher profits and even investing in ourselves. Be ready!

Is Malaysia considered a competitive nation? According to ranking in Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum (WEF), Malaysia is ranked 23rd in the world. In Asia, we are only behind Japan and Australia (if you consider them as within Asia). In fact our position is relatively high when compared to majority of the countries in […]

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MRT 3 deferred. Will affect connections to some hotspots a bit, perhaps.

We are now seeing many huge announcements on a daily basis. Most of it is related to mega infarstructure projects in Malaysia. It started with the scrapping of HSR KL – SG. Reported here earlier.  It’s not just the High Speed Rail KL – SG. The planned MRT Circle Line (MRT 3) has also been […]

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High-Speed Rail cancellation: versus flight tickets and experts’ views

The topic of High-Speed Rail KL – SG was a hotly shared one yesterday and today. Long time back, there were predictions that this HSR may kill the airlines. Well, the KL – SG route is the busiest in the world actually, so perhaps HSR will affect it. Today however there was one Facebook post […]

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Scrapping the High-Speed Rail: ‘It’s not beneficial.’

Our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has just confirmed to all medias that the High-Speed Rail (HSR) with Singapore will be scrapped. What is also confirmed is that this has not been discussed with Singapore and Malaysia will have to talk to them about it as well as the compensation to be paid. Tun said, “It’s […]

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Do you buy-to-live or buy-to-leave?

There are newly completed developments today where the occupancy may not be that high, not even 50 percent. A close friend’s condo in Penang was completed last year. He has moved in and has stayed in the new condo for slightly over a year. Yet, every time I dropped by, the number of cars parked […]

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IDEAL home for Malaysians? The WHATs and WHYs.

What’s an IDEAL Malaysian Home? We can ask me or we can ask a lot of Malaysians. LAFARGE and EdgeProp did a MYHOME survey to learn more. Here’s that infographic for our reference.  Briefly, these are some interesting results from the survey yeah. Perhaps this is why there are so many unsold units? My personal conclusion […]

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I am too old to invest. Haha.

Nope, Malaysia is definitely not looking at increasing the retirement age to 93 anytime soon. Haha. However, it was a thought which I have shared a couple of times. Working till 68. Still healthy I guess.  Until what age should we retire, really? A close lady friend will be leaving full time employment in 2 […]

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Landed homes from RM513,000 onwards by S P Setia, this weekend.

If your idea of an ideal home is a landed one, there is another launching this weekend. Final weekend of May 2018. if you have a limitation in budget but as a couple, you could afford up to RM550,000 property, then this is one for you. Last but not least you prefer to buy from […]

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Effects from a zero GST for typical Malaysian households

When the GST becomes zero in a week’s time, how much would we be able to save from what we spend on a daily basis? I roughly calculated. I could probably save anything from RM2-RM4. Let’s not talk about big ticket items yeah. Just the usual breakfast in a franchised mamak, lunch in a usual […]

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