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Month: May 2018

Yes, 24th by 2050. Yes, above many advanced nations of today.

Posted in Malaysian economy

If everyone believes that after GE14, we have a better Malaysia, then I think it’s a great news to the future of Malaysia, especially when we reach the year 2050.…


Yes, property prices may be lower without GST. Buying decisions to change?

Posted in Iskandar / JB Property, Property Penang, and Property, KL / Selangor

Anyone here delayed signing their Sales & Purchase agreement after they heard about the GST becoming zero in less than 2 weeks’ time? Actually, GST does not affect only the…

230 purchasers owed RM38 million and future guaranteed rentals.

Posted in Property Kota Kinabalu

Another case of buyers ‘losing’ money in their investments. This happened in Kota Kinabalu but could have happened anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. A developer who developed and managed a mall…

Malaysian’s affordable home mission by the government. Views.

Posted in Property, KL / Selangor, and Starting Property Investing

I think by now people who read property related news would have heard that Pakatan Harapan intends to build 1 million affordable homes within 2 terms. Roughly, that’s within 10…

Potential is everywhere. Find one and grow with it whether it’s a SME or a MNC.

Posted in Career Related

It was reported in many medias today (16th May 2018) that the government is reviewing 17,000 contractual political appointees so as to reduce government expenditure. Here’s one in TheStar.¬†¬†Here’s another…

It is not the trust, it is the unknown elements which may be a risk.

Posted in Equity / Stock

Yesterday, I had lunch with a successful insurance agency branch manager who’s semi-retired and his ex-team lead. Of course the conversation could not run away from election and the stock…

Not going to invest, regardless of the government of the day.

Posted in Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

Many friends, way before the 9th May 2018 election say that they were very cautious in buying a property because it is too illiquid. What if something bad were to…

2019 is THE year when home prices strengthen. KL and Penang ‘best buy’

Posted in Property Penang, and Property, KL / Selangor

‘It’s not easy to get a good price for a 1,000 sq ft condo in Penang currently,’ says my close friend, Mr. VS who’s a real estate negotiator in Penang.…

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