Potentially, the better way to buy property; OPEN BIDDING by MNP Auctioneers

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Message by MNP Auctioneers on upcoming Open Bidding on 27th April 2018 (Friday)

Did you know that there are many good buys in property auctions? There are property auctions by the High Court and the land office. There are also property auctions from the local and foreign banks. These are usually properties which are being auctioned off when the owners were unable to continue paying for their mortgages. For these properties, sometimes the reserve price is lower than the market value BUT one is NOT able to view the properties properly. In other words, no one is allowed access to view them and that is why sometimes, even though the reserve price is below the market value, people may not bid for them.

How about property auctions where the reserve price is BELOW the market value and you could VIEW the units? Not just from the outside but also the interior? View all rooms? Get to know even the brand of the electrical appliances inside the unit? Buyers are also assured that there are NO hanky-panky because the auction is conducted via the Dual-Bidding way. We would like to bring to you MNP Auctioneers’ Open Bidding for properties by private owners themselves. Please take a look at the properties below.

How to join in this Open Bidding session?

For even more details, call 017 – 400 6661 or visit www.best2bid.com

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