After the CHANGE, do we also CHANGE ourselves?

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CHANGE is a popular word currently. 🙂  We only want the other side to change for the better? Are we also changing ourselves for the better? Our current same thing day in and day out job into a career? growing up the corporate ladder by gaining more experience? Experience which could only be gained if we keep offering to do more than what we are doing today? Savings into investing? Without a continuous disciplined savings, it’s hard to do anything at all, even when opportunities arrive. For example, your neighbour wanting to sell his home for 20 percent less because he was transferred to somewhere else? Gaming into Learning? Hours after hours of gaming everyday where we skip reading, attending talks and learning from the experts? Perhaps just these three things that we can start changing in 2018?

5 years down the road, it may look something like these? Career: You have just been promoted to be a manager or a senior manager and now earns an income in the T20 range. While this is certainly welcoming, it does not change a single thing if the expenses continued to explode with the higher income. So, what could we do then? Well, assuming for the past 5 years we have really been saving (This meant income far higher than spending), then it’s time to think about investing. Maybe into a property, who knows? This may just be the beginning of a long-term journey of capital appreciation yeah. Need not be into property yeah. if we bought shares of a good listed company, we would still be rich in the future. Well, when we concentrate a lot of our time into turning our jobs into careers and keep reading and learning, I do not think we have a lot of time to play never ending games on our smartphones or gaming notebooks. By the way, there is nothing wrong with many hours of gaming every WEEK. However, when the gaming is MANY hours EVERYDAY, stop telling me it’s relaxation yeah…

Before everyone forgets, regardless of who wins the election, if what we do (our job) is worth a salary of RM2,000 it will still be worth RM2,000 after the election yeah. If our employers treat us badly before the election and we keep complaining about them, after the election, they will still treat us badly and we will still be complaining about them everyday. The top real estate negotiator meanwhile would still be a top real estate negotiator because the person works very hard. Usually, in the beginning it will be even super duper hard! A good company producing a world-class product and exporting to the world will still be exporting to the world while a company producing sub-standard products will close down regardless of the result.  We can go on but hope everyone gets the picture. Change may be inevitable but we better also change ourselves in the process too.  CHANGE starts from within. It does not start from only changing the world.


written on 10 April 2018

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