Do not come to Malaysia just to retire… Be an Enjoyee instead!

Do not come to Malaysia just to retire… Be an Enjoyee instead!

For ‘young’ at heart people who are thinking of places with white sandy beaches overlooking the sea, over 4,000 metre mountain peak loved by many, world’s oldest rainforests worth exploring every year and even UNESCO Heritage sites and cities? All these are in the same country; Malaysia. This is also a read for those who wish to find a place to spend most of their their time since they are no longer in full-time employment? This is also for expats who have grown to love Malaysia after moving here with their families? For potential MM2H applicants who sees Malaysia as beyond just a place to read a book and drink coffee by a luxurious swimming pool everyday? Do not come only as a retiree. Come here to enjoy and become an ‘Enjoyee!’ Read on.

Malaysia is the “Ideal Retirement Destination in Asia in 2018” according to a new Retirement Index from International These are the underpaying reasons for the index; cost of living, healthcare and climate. Malaysia is ranked fifth globally, while Costa Rica was crowned the most preferred retirement destination in the world. Do refer here for the full article. Of course, the best retirement city does not necessarily be the top ranked most liveable city. Here’s an earlier article. However, do note that within Asean, Kuala Lumpur is ranked second most liveable city, right after Singapore. On a global basis, Kuala Lumpur is ranked 70th most liveable city. How many cities are there? According to, there are 457 cities with over 1 million population. Assuming this is true, 70th ranking is top 15 percent which is not too bad at all. 😛 Top 15 percent most liveable and top 5 best retirement country is an excellent combination already. Okay, frankly speaking I would prefer a much cooler temperature definitely, say 20-24 celcius would be perfect. However, most foreigners I know says they love the sunny days here. Haha.

Other reasons why Malaysia’s in the top 5 list? Here’s the full article in “Easy, English-speaking, and first world.” Renting in Malaysia is “hard to beat.” One is able to live “extravagantly” on US$2,500 per month INCLUDING RENT. (Yeah, I think we know in some countries, just the rent alone may ‘kill’ many people). Well, the next comment is something we could do everyday. “It’s a gastronomic delight, and the street food here is hands down the best in Asia.” Malaysia also have “cities with a buzz” (From Kuala Lumpur to Penang to Johor Bahru and even Kota Kinabalu, there are already lots of choices and this is without including some other prominent towns too) According to International Living, “When you compare surgery prices between the US and Malaysia, the benefits are obvious.” For example, “A knee replacement in Malaysia costs just US$4,000 compared to US$45,000 or more in the States, while a hip replacement can cost as little as US$5,200, versus US$39,000 in the US.” Here’s another article for reference in channelnewsasia.

Actually, this is not all yeah. One would also find friendly people and Malaysia is also aptly called “Malaysia, Truly Asia” because you could find grand celebrations for all the different Malaysians ethnic groups. Here’s that full list of holidays and just note that if you are here as a retiree (I refer to you as “Enjoyee”) , you basically get to experience it all, within the SAME country. I think you would also know that just as the celebrations are all different, it meant the food diversity is beyond MANY. It’s more like ‘CRAZY’ number of choices. Yeap, Malaysia has also been labelled as the most obese country in ASEAN. Sigh… One may not want to do this (unless one loves bargains) every day but on a weekly basis, shopping can be a non-stop activity too. Malaysia happens to also be the top 5 best shopping cities in the world! Here’s that article in Huffington’s Post. Oh yeah, because of the country’s friendly size, a driving trip around Malaysia is extremely easy too and one gets to experience cities to towns to even remote villages too. There are many more reasons but that’s for another day. Happy deciding between a retiree’s life or an Enjoyee’s life here.

written on 4 April 2018

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