Home improvements? Here’s one good contractor in Penang.

Home Improvements? Electrical stuffs? Piping stuffs? Specifically for Penang, here’s my recommendation. I have personally used his services a couple of times and in brief, he’s direct, honest and professional. Direct is important because he will tell you all his charges well in advance and you make your decision before engaging him. Honest is super important because what needs to be done must be done and what could be done cheaper, he will tell you the options to do so. However, if the handyman is very direct and honest but not professional, it is still not okay to engage him because we want someone who could do a great job. Not someone who could charge us lower. Remember yeah, maintenance should be done properly for a long term peace of mind.

This is what he says: “Home Improvement from RM30 per job.  An easy task that you need a helping hand with. Labor and hand tools only, material(s) not included. Owners can buy their own items if they wish to. Additional RM1 per kilometre outside Paya Terubong based on google maps’s shortest route. So, for people inside Paya Terubong, it’s no extra mileage charge.”

Happy engaging him. Just WhatsApp him at 012-7772756.  If the job is beyond what he could do, he will connect you to more of his industry friends. No extra discounts even if you tell him you saw this in  🙂


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