The countries where Chinese love to buy the most. Property.

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Should we feel lucky if we are not a top property destination in the world? I would but many who are working to push our property market out to the world may disagree. Anyway, to people without a property yet, I think it is a good news if our property market is not eyed by foreigners. Seriously it is not a good sign if 25 percent of all launches are bought by foreigners. An earlier article here. 28% of Melbourne’s properties purchased by foreigners. No idea if it’s still the same but Australia remains a top 2 city where Chinese love to buy properties in. The list as attached from It’s very obvious, the U.S. remains the top spot both by view and by enquiry. Thailand is meanwhile extremely attractive to these Chinese buyers because enquiry wise, it is 3rd most popular! In fact it is well ahead of the UK. Malaysia is just within the top 10 for enquiry probably because we are still cheap, probably. As for those who wants to chip in by saying that we are not attractive at all, I hope you are right for as long as possible. For the sake of the richer Malaysians who are thinking of buying similar properties as the foreigners who are usually restricted to buying more expensive properties anyway. This is the full article in Top 10 Chinese Buyer Picks 2017. 

In the article, it quoted Bloomberg as saying that the Chinese buyers continued to buy foreign properties in 2017 despite the stricter outbound investment rules. In fact, the number of property transactions by Chinese have increased in 2017. The only change is that prices and sizes that they bought are lower because their aim is now in emerging investment destinations which are usually more affordable. They still love the U.S. the most followed by Australia, Thailand followed by Canada and the UK. All these countries are favourites based on enquiries. We can safely say that enquiries meant the interest is there. The other countries in the top 10 list for enquiries include New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and well, last spot in the top 10 is Malaysia. It reported that Vietnam rose 483 percent to suddenly jump from the 19th in 2016 to the 9th in 2017. Moving on in the report, in comparison to 2016, Thailand’s interest from the Chinese buyers were up 114 percent while Malaysia showed an increase of 64 percent.

Thinking of following these wealthy Chinese in their property investment destinations? Anyway, an earlier report already show Thailand as a favourite property destination. Read here. Meanwhile the favourite property destinations for Malaysians include Singapore, Australia and the UK. Of course, one is a neighbour with lots of ties, the other two are favourite education destinations. This is the survey which says so HSBC Survey on Malaysian property investors One recent study showed that the Chinese are also buying into Malaysia because of education. Property investment will always be a great way to diversify our investment portfolio. When the wealthy continue to buy properties, it’s not such a good idea if we shun this idea totally. However, buy with caution because a wrong decision will set us back years.

written on 3 March 2018

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