What a day of happiness for everyone in the property market

What a day of happiness for everyone in the property market

Date: 1st April 2018

It was reported in the media just this morning. According to the Minister of Property Affairs and Affiliation, Ms. April Hoo, the government will be taking the following proactive measures to ensure everyone gets their first home, everyone gets to upgrade their homes and anyone preferring a landed property will get their wishes too. The day that everyone has been waiting for is finally here.

First-time home buyers would now get to choose between a 800-850 sq ft for RM20,000 each or a 1,000 sq ft for RM200,000.  (The reason for the 1,000 sq ft being so expensive is because there are not many of these being built but there are lots of available units of 800-850 sq ft in the market from the state and the federal side).  Yes, just RM20,000 each!

Upgraders would also get a one-time offer. They get to choose a unit which is 100 percent bigger than their current unit and they only need to pay an extra RM50,000 for this upgrade if they give up their current home. For example, if the owner has a 1,000 sq ft unit currently, he could choose units of up to 2,000 sq ft and the maximum payment he needs to pay would only be RM50,000!

Landed properties would also now be built throughout the city. Any office building with less than 80 percent occupancy for 6 months will be identified and torn down to make way for more landed properties. According to some statistics, this meant that a total of 10,000 new landed homes could be built almost immediately because the current occupancy is said to be lower than 80 percent for many older office buildings.

All these would only be effective if the applicants apply directly to the ministry within today. The person in charge would be Ms. April Hoo’s sister, Ms. April Foo. Just write in to the official email here. (Hopefully it’s working because as you know it may be jammed due to all these unbelievable offers on the April’s Fool day.  Happy applying and see you again tomorrow!

written for April Fool’s Day.

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