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Month: April 2018

Lots more new brands to enjoy, really. Cheaper and better please.

Posted in Property, KL / Selangor, and Retail / Shopping / Mall News

Here’s one article not too long ago. Closures ALWAYS point to ‘tough outlook’ Coming back to just days ago, my old friend is still insisting that the Malaysian economy is…


When we are 60, just have a RM1,000,000 property, possible?

Posted in Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

My parents bought a RM85,000 property in Ipoh 30 years ago. It is currently RM540,000. It took 30 years for that home to reach RM540,000. Still worth buying? The answer…

Retail to improve after GE 14. Means more income or more willingness?

Posted in Retail / Shopping / Mall News

I have bought more new shirts this year than last year but have spent virtually the same. I have bought two new pairs of jeans too. However, the amount I…

Press Release: The Launch of ‘PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool’

Posted in Press Releases (developers and more)

Do you want to know how much you could borrow for your next property? Here’s a free resource. Please read on. Press Release: The Launch of ‘PropertyGuru Home Affordability Tool’ In…

We should always worry about property bubble potential right?

Posted in Property, KL / Selangor

Yes, I am worried with advanced property markets when their markets have way too high property prices and their banks with way too relaxed lending. Hopefully they can learn something…

KWAP goes local, stocks tumble in the US and ‘please don’t resign’ news.

Posted in Equity / Stock

I happened to read Financial Daily today. Take a look at the front page. Usually, the most interesting news would be highlighted on the front page. First up is the…

2018 PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) nominations open

Posted in Press Releases (developers and more), and Property Singapore related

I have often been asked the question of whether award winning projects are worth more in the future. I think it’s even more important to note the reason for these…

China’s Hong Kong with a Hong Kong town in China. A rail based plan.

Posted in China and Hong Kong Property related

According to Bank Negara Malaysia, the average median property price versus household income ratio for Malaysia is at 5.2; severely unaffordable. In Hong Kong, it’s quite close to 20. Here’s…

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