Iskandar? Too expensive? Depends on type who is the buyer, right?

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 When people google for ‘properties in iskandar too expensive.’ they were redirected to kopiandproperty.com Opps.. I do not remember writing any particular article about Iskandar being too expensive though. I still think whether it’s cheap or expensive depends on the type of working professionals we have there. If we are talking about the typical condo for expats in Singapore versus Iskandar, it’s pretty cheap. However if we are looking at some of the more luxurious condo prices, it is pretty high for many Johoreans, well until they get a much higher paid job. Hopefully with the slowdown, the developers can be pressured to build even more affordable ones instead? So, you see I hope the prices are good enough for people to buy and yet rising moderately so that people would still buy.

Source: iProperty.com

Come on, if we know that the property prices stay stagnant for the next 5 years, what would buyers do? Not just in Iskandar but anywhere in the world? This is the reason why prices may rise. Here’s a very comprehensive report by Ms. Reena Kaur Bhatt in iProperty.com On an overall basis, 60 percent of all transactions were for properties within the price range of RM220k to RM500k. (Hmm.. does not seem expensive… right?) We see highest transactions growth for homes priced between RM420k to RM540k. The two areas with the highest median price per sq ft (YES, these are the expensive areas) include Gelang Patah and Iskandar Puteri and both are still around RM400 per sq ft. Here’s an earlier article about Iskandar vs KL. The city centre of Johor Bahru remains the most searched as well as having the most number of leads. (I think this also tells us that the buyers are mostly Johoreans themselves. Perhaps even some who are working in Singapore too.) Here’s the full report by Reena in iProperty.com again. 

Of course, much earlier, there was also this scary article from bloomberg.com with a title of ‘$100 billion Chinese-made city near Singapore ‘Scares the Hell Out of Everybody’ If you were to read the whole article, actually it’s not that scary lah. The article even concluded with this sentence, “It will take a while for all the parts to fall into place: infrastructure, manufacturing, education, healthcare and growth in population,” said Ho at Rowsley. “But I have no doubt it will happen eventually.”  Some latest news from Iskandar perhaps? Iskandar Malaysia’s progress and next decade I really do think Iskandar will work and I do think it has to work for both Malaysia and Singapore’s sake too. Partnership is better than going it alone lah. All our neighbours have huge populations yeah. Cheers.

written on 16 March 2018

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