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How could everyone get RM250 by clicking a link?

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It’s the developer’s 10th anniversary, therefore they offer a RM50,000 discount to their last 10 units. Is this believable? Well, if the property is priced from RM2 million, the RM50,000 is merely 2.5% discount. If the property is RM1 million, then the RM50,000 is 5% discount. Still believable, actually. What happens if the property price is RM500,000 then? Well, RM50,000 is 10 percent. Depending on the motive of the developer, may still be possible. For example, to sell the last few remaining units. Remember, when the developer has already sold 95 percent of all their units at normal prices, any additional units sold are actually PROFITS versus if they are unsold, then the developer has nothing but still has to complete them. In this case, the developer, even if they offer lucrative discounts will still be enjoying healthy profits. There’s VALUE in such an offer to both the developer and the buyer.

What happens when we receive a message about a famous supermarket offering RM250 to everyone who clicks on some links which resembles even the supermarket’s actual website URL? I received it just yesterday and I was not happy. Why are people so gullible? Let’s do a basic analysis. How much do we think this supermarket earns from every customer who goes there to shop? Assuming everyone buys RM250 worth of goods and they have a gross profit of 20 percent, then they will earn RM50 (RM250 x 20 percent)  from every shopper. Do we still think they will offer RM250 to every shopper when they could usually earn just RM50 from every shopper? So, it’s a TOTAL LOSS every time they give out RM250. Of course, all the shoppers would be happy because RM250 is a wind fall from the sky. Here’s the link telling us why we should be very careful with these messages. 

Let’s be objective a bit. If there is VALUE only to one side, no one would do it. Remember the mantra of win-win as mentioned by everyone? For any transaction to be continuous, both sides must benefit. By the way, the supermarket needs to pay for fixed and variable costs. For example, their staffs need their salaries, their vendors need payment for their goods and even TENAGA would charge them for the electricity! For some of us who have been working for many years, it is very clear that bonuses are only given to us if we have contributed to the company and increments are given with the EXPECTATIONS that we will contribute even MORE to the company. Some may want to point out that there are companies which are stingy with their bonuses and increments. Well, if we are STILL working there, there’s something wrong with us, not the company. Coming back to our topic for today. When only one side gains everything, there must be something wrong with the potential deal okay… How could everyone gain RM250 just by clicking a link! Cheers

written on 17 March 2018

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