We buy properties for our children’s education, right?

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Malaysians have been buying properties in countries like the UK or Australia for years. I meant the super wealthy ones with kids studying overseas. For a number of them, the property investments are for the future of their children. A place to stay, for example when their kids are studying overseas. An investment perhaps which could be used as a leverage when their children needs to study overseas would be another example. A hedge versus the currency fluctuations may be another example. At this moment, this group does not include me. As a working professional, it’s just not that possible. It’s hard to save enough for the 30 percent downpayment these days. Perhaps some top UK universities here in Malaysia may be an easier and better choice since the degree is exactly the same as that obtained in the UK. What about the Chinese (China) buying properties in Malaysia for their children’s education?

According to an article in EdgeProp.my, education is one reason why the Chinese are buying properties here. the article quoted Juwai.com which says that with Malaysia’s plan of hosting up to 250,000 international students by 2025, it will be a larger driver for Chinese in buying properties here. According to Juwai.com CEO Carrie Law, “Chinese buyer demand in Malaysia is relatively concentrated, with just three cities accounting for the large majority of demand to date. Kuala Lumpur accounts for more than 40% of all buyer enquiries so far this year. It is followed by Johor Bahru and Melaka.” Her conclusion? “In the case of Malaysia, if macro, market and regulatory conditions remain positive, the global trends … will drive growing Chinese investment in local property. It is not unrealistic to expect Chinese investment in Malaysian residential real estate to at least double by 2025.” (POSITIVE!)

It’s easy to note Kuala Lumpur as a main place with lots of action and university as well as Iskandar with its significant progress but Melaka is a pleasant surprise for me. Yes, I do love Melaka!  In another report, according to UNESCO, Malaysia is now a top 10 destination for post-secondary education. Many reasons were stated and one of them was the availability of top UK university branch campuses here. For example, Nottingham University, University of Reading, Heriot-Watt University and a lot more as soon as we count in all the franchised programmes as well as the famous 3+0 programmes. Beyond just the UK, we also have many Australian universities too. Monash University, Curtin University of Technology and even Swinburne University. Let’s not forget that our local and private universities are also starting to stamp their mark in the international arena too. Keep following!

written on 5 March 2018

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