The top 10 most expensive properties transacted, recently

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I love to window shop. I mean, I may not buy that Coach men’s wallet. My current wallet is VW but that’s because my wife bought it for me. I am okay with cheaper brands actually but I really do appreciate the thoughtful design, the organised stitchings and even the touch of leather. Plus the fact that should I somehow ‘accidentally’ show off a RM1,200 ringgit and some friends see it, that can be a topic for conversation too. 😛  I guess this is the same as property prices. We may not be able to afford those super expensive ones but we would still love to know where are these top 10 most expensive properties are. Who knows, one of it may belong to one of our schoolmates. It’s time to visit our schoolmate and enjoy a cup of 20-year old Pu-Er tea (from his / her tea collection) and some curry puffs (from the roadside stalls that we bought and bring along). I am sure even the super-rich Malaysians would still love a tasty curry-puff for tea break.

Here’s that list compiled by my good friend, a senior writer in, Ms. Reena Kaur Bhatt. “10 most expensive homes sold in Malaysia.”  The review period is Oct’16 – Sept’17 and sales data is captured from the Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) and compiled by’s big data solution,

10. Bungalow, Casa Permai, Tanjung Tokong (RM9 Mil)

9. Bungalow, Masera Bukit Segar, Cheras (RM9.8 Mil)

8. Condominium, The Binjai On The Park, KLCC (RM9.9 Mil)

7. Town House, One Menerung, Bangsar (RM10 Mil)

6. Bungalow, The Enclave, Bangsar (RM12 Mil)

5. Bungalow, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights (RM12 Mil)

4. Condominium, Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar (RM12.1 Mil)

3. Bungalow, Kenny Hill, Bukit Tunku (RM12.6 Mil)

2. Bungalow, Jalan Bunga Hinai, Tanjung Tokong (RM13.6 Mil)

1. MOST EXPENSIVE: Bungalow, Jalan Utama, Pulau Tikus (RM14.5 Mil)

The interior of a Serai Bukit Bandaraya condominium unit. Source:

Here’s that full article by Reena for reference. Out of the top 10, we have 7 bungalows, 2 condominiums and 1 townhouse. I hope that friend whom I debated before about his semi-detached gated and guarded home versus high-end luxury condo is reading this too.  Actually, when we look at the highest of the highest, prices wise, a bungalow would always be in the picture because of the land size and not just the structure itself. However, luxury condominiums do offer a very good proposition of life-style because for any other property types, there are no 40th floor infinity swimming pool overlooking some famous buildings or even the sea. With a temperature controlled jacuzzi pool right next to it. There are also no gym rooms with lots of facilities overlooking the infinity swimming pool where you can wave your hand to other super-wealthy peers.

One more critical factor would be the security levels. There are many bungalows with guards but for many of these super-luxury condos, it’s not just the sheer number of guards but also the many different security levels too. Last but not least, when the extended families come for a visit and the kids need a HUGE park to run around, it’s much better to let them run around WITHIN the development instead of outside too. I know, that question, ‘if one is super-wealthy, why stay only in a condo, regardless of how luxurious it is?’  Well, how about asking the two super-wealthy who bought the condos worth RM12.1 million and RM9.9 million in the list then? Both properties are not the last two in the Top 10 list….   Happy knowing.

written on 24 Feb 2018

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