Who’s viewing landed terrace and condos at 3pm on a Sunday?

Occasionally, we would see some photos showing lots of people at some property new launches. I am sure many of those at the launch are potential buyers. Otherwise why are they there for? Food and drinks? Or perhaps free good quality recycled bags? Actually, maybe… Haha. I wrote about my experience not too long ago […]

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Potential to reach RM3.75? As usual, it SHOULD depend on trade.

The following was said by Standard Chartered Bank chief economist for Asean and South Asia Edward Lee. “US dollar is generally still overvalued and in Asia, the ringgit is one of the currencies that is undervalued against the US dollar.”  He is a chief economist for a world renowned bank.  Here’s that Full article in FreeMalaysiaToday […]

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Which is better for your property investment’s security? MRTA or MLTA?

Secure whatever we own, literally. Perhaps a lock or even a safe could do that for some valuables that we have. Protect what we have right from the beginning. As they say prevention is better than cure. Health is wealth, agree? Well, without investing a bit, it’s hard to protect our wealth if something happens […]

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Property prices do not change just because asking prices are falling…

A negotiator friend from Penang told me that some buyers do not trust property negotiators. After his sharing, I think it’s important to note a couple of things, whether it’s the negotiator, the asking prices and even the final transacted prices. When we want to sell our home and the real estate negotiator tells us […]

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Financial risks, household debts and lower income households

We should always be mindful that high household debts vs the GDP is dangerous to the economy. Everyone tells me this all the time. This is especially when the household debts are growing faster than the economy which meant that one day in the future, it may be higher than the GDP. So, the trick […]

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AFTER general election, the property market transactions to increase

We should always leave the predictions to property experts. So, who are the experts? Actually, most of us are property experts in our small way, especially those who stay in some not so popular areas. Haha. You would know exactly about new shop openings in your area. In fact when McDonald’s and a new bank […]

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What a life! Well, I need to take care of them, I guess.

It was an hour before the TTDI Toastmasters Club meeting. (Yes, they are an awesome club)  I was having my dinner at Burger King and inside the whole restaurant were only 6 customers. 1 guy (that’s me), 2 guys at the same table (should be fresh grads) and 3 girls (should also be fresh grads who […]

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When units on my left and right are auctioned off…

Are there many units being auctioned off by the banks these days? With the slowdown in the market, many owners who overstretched themselves a few years ago due to Developer Interest Bearing Schemes (DIBS) may now feel the heat. What happens when we own a unit within a development which has just been completed a […]

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Property prices on the decline says PropertyGuru

Press Release by  –  PropertyGuru: PropertyPrices On the Decline PropertyGuru Market Index indicates quarterly price dropsfor three consecutive quarters in 2018 Prices have declined every month save forFebruary, June, and October 2017   KUALA LUMPUR, 26March 2018 – The PropertyGuruMarket Index (“PMI”) which tracks the asking prices of homes in Malaysia shows a continued decline in […]

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Property market recovery only in 2020 / 2021

Should we be happy if the current lacklustre property market is expected to recover only in 2020 or 2021? Many may actually be hoping so because this would help salary increments to catch up with property price increases. You know, those complaints about property prices being WAY TOO HIGH? Or that due to it being […]

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