Should MRT change your property investment journey?

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Share on whatsapp, Malaysia’s No.1 Property Site has invited me to speak in their upcoming Home & Property Investment Fair in MyTOWN KL.  My topic: Should MRT change your property investment journey? For this talk, I will share the 4Ps (People, Prices, Policies, Preference) on why MRT may affect your decision in getting that property for your own stay or investment. beyond just the 4Ps, we will also look at the overall property market as well as getting to know some latest happenings in property markets elsewhere. Remember, it is not always just Malaysia because if something big happens elsewhere, we would still be affected. See you all there.  Please do sign up in advance here.  Alternatively, just PM me in my Facebook page and I will get my staff to sign you up.

Detail for my talk as follows:

Venue: MyTOWN KL

Date: 3rd March 2018

Time: 245pm – 330pm.

For those who know me, come say hello yeah. For all the rest, we could have a kopi session after that. Glad to learn from everyone’s experience too. Happy investing and please get back to work already. CNY holidays are over even for me. I will start working tomorrow. (27th Feb 2018). is everything about property related writings and news. Enjoy reading with a latte.

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