Too many supermarkets, why Jaya Grocer still opening more?

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Do you have favourite supermarkets that you go to every weekend? I am not that loyal to just one brand. What about supermarket brands that you dislike? Let’s not talk about some supermarket brands which has already lost me as a customer. Three reasons? The fresh choices are just too limited. For example, quantity and quality of fish and vegetables. Reason two: The freshness is just not there. Have you been to a supermarket where the fish really look as if it’s been displayed for a very long time? Please sell everything off or keep them or throw it away instead of leaving it there! That fading colour of freshness? Reason three: The display is just not imaginative. Why can’t they make it more attractive? The supermarket landscape in Malaysia is a very competitive one. There are / were locally grown, Japanese influenced, Britain influenced, Middle East influenced, Australian influenced and even French influenced! I may even missed some.

There’s one family-run supermarket which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and will be opening 5 more outlets within 2018 on top of the 22 that it is operating today. We are talking about Jaya Grocer. Here’s one of the recent media report in TheSunDaily Its operations director Daniel Teng shared that as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Jaya Grocer has been offering 10 items on special promotional prices each week since the start of the year. “We call it our ‘Ten To Celebrate Ten’ Campaign.” The other 5 new outlets would be in the following malls:

  1. Eco Ardence at Setia Alam in Feb
  2. Kuala Lumpur Eco City at Bangsar in June
  3. Empire City Damansara in July
  4. Kiara 163 at Mont Kiara in Sept, and
  5. Kuala Lumpur East at Taman Melati in Dec.

Teng further shared, “Even though Jaya Grocer itself is 10 years old, the management team is led by retail veterans with a family heritage dating back to pre-Independence Malaya. We are proud of our heritage and are yet humbled by the overwhelming support shown by our loyal customers through the decades.” An earlier report on their KLEC outlet here. He then shared one reason why Jaya Grocercontinue to win new customers. “The concept of Bangsar Market by Jaya Grocer is to bring back the feeling of shopping in a fresh wet market which is clean and well laid out. We hope to meet the discerning demands of sophisticated modern day shoppers in the city.” Jaya Grocer has online delivery service as well and Teng shared that it provides same day delivery, with the quickest delivery time being within 2 hours. “You just click and we deliver,” he added.  When it comes to loyal staffs, Teng said, “We are proud to note that many of our senior managers have been with us from the start 10 years ago and are still with us. Many in fact have been working with my family even before the inception of Jaya Grocer.”

As customers, we should continue supporting brands which are able to satisfy us and ignore those which could not. Remember, competition makes everyone stronger and not just making consumers happy. These brands can one day be going out to other markets too and it may be best that they were already pushed to their limits here in Malaysia. Oh yeah, if the fish choices are aplenty, I will automatically love the brand.  Happy shopping yeah.

written on 20 Feb 2018

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