Guarded? Great. How many guards are there?

Would you feel safe if you walk along a lonely road accompanied by a 60 year old man who happens to be a security guard? Or would you feel safer walking along the same lonely road with two 60-year old men who are security guards. How about walking along the same road again, this time with a few tough looking men, say 30-40 years old, dressed up nicely in uniform and all are security guards? Actually, if there’s a man on that same road and he’s running towards you, carrying a samurai sword, perhaps all these security guards would run away leaving you alone. This is true! However, if I intend to rob you, even if I have a parang, I would not take my chance and risk it if there’s someone with you who looks like a security guard. It’s best that I find an easier target who’s alone. Of course if there are 3-4 security guards with you, I would be foolish to take my chance..

This is a real situation today. There are many developments where the typical number of security guards would be 2.  The reason for two is so that should one goes to the toilet, there’s another one in the guard post. Of course, this usually corresponds to how high end the project is or how low density too. The higher maintenance fees we pay, the better the number and quality of guards would be. This is the reason why I would encourage potential buyers to get to know the type of security that they will be having. In fact, when we view any secondary developments that we want to buy these days, take a look at the guards on duty. If we do not feel secure then, there’s no way that we will feel secure after we move in. It’s also true that the quality of these guards differ tremendously too. Some look totally inexperienced, some do not wear their uniforms properly and some could not even converse with us!

Do more guards meant that that particular development would always be safe? The answer is NO. However, it’s good to note and learn from a former car thief on how they target the cars to steal or break into. They target cars which are easy targets. Cars which are locked with even the cheap steering locks are usually skipped because there are cars without and those are much easier. They would not want to skip those extra seconds in cutting the steering when there’s another one next to it without a cheap steering lock. Cars with a blinking alarm would be skipped if there are cars without alarms. Again, the alarm is NOT a show stopper but it is a major deterrent. Key learnings? If someone wants to choose some developments to target (whether to steal or to rob), they would target the easier ones first. In this case, it’s definitely one where even if they (criminal) get discovered, they need to only deal with one or two guards instead of 4 guards or more. Do read the article to learn how to keep your car safer, yeah. Tips from a former car thief on how to protect your car from being stolen. Happy searching for your dream home coupled with better security.

written on 13 Feb 2018

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