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Mr-Stingy’s ‘interview’ of 16 experts and 1 blogger (me!) for financial advice in 2018

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A few weeks back, a prolific blogger, writer and good friend asked me for some property advice for 2018 to be shared with his readers. His articles have appeared in The Huffington Post which is like SUPER WOW for me. Oh yeah, his name is Aaron. 🙂  Here’s what I have to say for 2018. All in all, he featured 17 people for 2018. In 2017, he featured 14.  The below comments from me are extracted from his site. Mr-Stingy.com

— start —



(Charles is a Malaysian property expert who writes at the beautiful kopiandproperty.com. He’s also the COO of an asset auction company (“pays the bills” he says…)

In 2018, start focusing on “Why” instead of “Where” all the time. The underlying reasons to buy are always different for everyone; and it does not have to be those same few spots which are already priced at a premium. Unless for example, you absolutely must stay next to your in-laws.

Focusing on WHY allows for better investment decisions, potentially cheaper property prices, as well as a better ROI — because you would usually start lower. It is not risky to buy or not to buy — it is far riskier to buy the wrong property in 2018.

— end —

There are also a few other advice that I personally like and I extracted them as below as well.  Do enjoy and visit his site for ever more money related articles. Trust me, we learn more than just finance related stuffs in his site. We learn how to write eloquently too.  Cheers.

Mr. Lee Ching Wei, CEO of iMoney -“Stay diversified (by asset class and currency), and avoid any short-term / speculative investments.”   (Comments by me:  VERY TRUE! Come on, we have built everything up over a long time, perhaps we should protect what we have too. Regardless of how much we love a certain type of investment, always seek to diversify. We may not earn the most when some certain investment shoots through the ceiling but at the same time, our losses are usually not going to be fatal too… )

Mr.KC Lau, Founder of kclau.com – Make more, Save more and Invest for LONG TERM.    (Comments by me:  VERY TRUE! Without a higher earning, it’s going to be hard to save more and invest more. Think about it.  Perhaps writing a blog may earn you more extra income? Not immediately lah, 2 years later perhaps)

Divvy, founder of dividendmagic.com.my – Remember compound interest — it will be the difference between you having a couple of million or a few hundred thousand in your account in 30 years. (Comments by me: Forget spending RM100 per month for years and it’s not such a big thing but 30 years later? WOW….)

Dawn, founder of SG Budget Babe – There’s no knowing where the future will take us. Hedge against the unknown by investing in yourself, building up knowledge, and forming good financial habits that will serve you well on this journey of life. (Comments by me:  Read and Learn. Do not believe everything because most of the time, these experts may also have some bias. Their situation may not be applicable to us too. Financial awareness is of course a must!

Suraya Zainudin – Founder of ringgitohringgit.com – I also want to urge everyone to have multiple passive income streams. Right now Google Adsense and various affiliates give me ~RM 1K more or less per month. (Comments:  See, RM1,000 per month extra. Go read about Goodle Adsense and how to earn it. One way is to start writing….. online. )

CJ Ong, columnist for The Edge Malaysia weekly – Be wary. Most investors suffer from recency bias, a behavioral phenomenon where we expect investments that have done well, to continue to do well. (Comments by me: Remember, many times when we start to know about something, it might be because the whole world already knows about it. Think a bit before jumping in.)


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