Iringan Bayu presents “Playground of the Wind” (Do not miss it!)

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Do you feel excited when you see pinwheels? I do. My kids do. My wife too. Well, how about seeing 20,000 pinwheels at the same time? Bring your family and loved ones to feel the magical moment on 27th January 2017 (coming Saturday) when you attend the launching of Iringan Bayu, Seremban. For families, this is a new township featuring a natural and holistic living concept. Everyone in the family gets to enjoy a better living quality. From safety to modern building design and even green-living, Iringan Bayu has all of these covered. Beyond these important features, Iringan Bayu has one of the largest Verdant Central Park in Seremban featuring 22-acre lush green landscaped park that focuses on a variety of outdoor activities for the well-being of the residents.

Gone are the days when staying in landed homes meant driving some distance away for a public park. Finding parking in a public park may not be easy too. Here in Iringan Bayu, the park is accessible easily and yes, for your kids, they can enjoy it daily! For couples, it’s time to get healthier; a few kilometres of brisk walking every weekend will be great for the body and relationship too. For families with kids, it’s time to ask the kids to leave their smartphones at home and go out to explore what the Verdant Central Park has to offer.

In celebration of the official launch, Iringan Bayu presents “Playground of the Wind” featuring more than 20,000 pinwheels in 10 Wind-spired theme park! Bring your family and friends for a weekend of a colourful journey surrounded by 20,000 pinwheels in the Forest of Chimes, Pavilion of Wishes and Pinwheels of Purity along with a parade of fun-filled activities for your family! From food trucks to artsy workshops; Instagram contests to children games and activities .. You do not want to miss this, especially the shutter-bugs!

Some important links for you:


Facebook 1 :

Event page: Iringan Bayu – Playground of the Wind


Register here or contact 06-630 4656 now. Scanning is possible too!

See you there!




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