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Equity is a very attractive proposition. HSR bid by Japan.

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High Speed Rail (HSR) between Malaysia – Singapore has attracted many potential bidders. The ultimate winner is still pretty far away but one such potential bidder has announced to the world that it will offer a substantial equity participation to local partners if it is the successful bidder. This potential bidder is from Japan. Its Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia, Makio Miyagawa said, “The Japanese foreign direct investment accumulation into Malaysia has continuously been the largest. Our industries stayed on in Southeast Asia even during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, and worked together with local industries to find a way out. Likewise, our industries will continue their presence in the Malaysian market and continue collaboration with Malaysian industries.”  He added, “The setting up of a railway such as the HSR will open a window for massive local participation, especially in the construction of large-scale infrastructure buildings. In this regard, we welcome the participation and cooperation, with local companies in Malaysia and Singapore. The railway alignment will need technological know-how already accumulated in Japanese infrastructure companies.”

Miyagawa also said that Japanese companies have received “very positive response” from a number of potential local partners and that the door is still open to other local companies as partners for the HSR bid. He added that Japan invented the first high-speed train system in the world over 50 years ago and has managed it without fatal casualties since. It is currently showcasing the world-renowned Shinkansen system which includes the creation of new townships along the HSR line.  In Japan, Shinkansen stations have seen the growth of retail outlets, residences and manufacturing surrounding it. He added, “We want to see the same success replicated in Malaysia and Singapore. As we have been doing in Malaysia for the past 60 years via our bilateral ties, all these developments are expected, should the Shinkansen system be chosen.”

WOW, powerful sentence. In brief, he meant, “We have been together for a long time and we should continue to partner one another for long time to come.” Frankly, I love the Japanese bullet trains, having taken them extensively during my last trip to Japan which was at the same time when the tsunami hit. The bullet train operations was stopped only for slightly lesser than 1 day. I was then able to travel back to Tokyo to catch my flight home to Malaysia. If I am the one selecting, I would prefer for an Asian based company to win instead of those from outside the region. As for whether a Japanese company may win the bid, I think everyone knows that Chinese high speed rail companies are very strong overall. Financing options and even construction expertise. We will just have to wait then. will organise a Breakfast in KL, Lunch in SG, Dinner in KL session when the High Speed Rail is ready.  Please sign up yeah. I know,it would not be cheap. Haha.

written on 20 Jan 2018

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