Malaysia property price? Increasing and now 25th highest in the world.

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I was invited by Miichael Yeoh to share my thoughts about the Malaysian property market for 2018. Unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball which can tell the future. In case anyone wants to know, I am just a working professional like most Malaysians and I do not buy a property every year or even 10 properties in a year. 🙂   I shared about all the possible scenarios including what to look for in order to know if a property bubble crash is imminent. In brief, the answer is no. However, no one can predict any unforeseen circumstances yeah. I also shared that it’s very important to look at median prices instead of average prices because one tells about the most possible transaction while the average tells nothing if the market has both extremes of high end and low ends. Do refer to the image for some understanding about the median prices in many major markets of the world today.

Did you know that property prices in Malaysia is still rising despite the current ‘negative sentiment’ in the market? Do you know that we are much higher ranked than Singapore which is now facing a negative price change for house price? Indonesia’s property market is in between. For the period of Q3 2016 to Q3 2017, Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index showed that property price grew 5.1 percent up in Malaysia, 3.3 percent up in Indonesia and -0.3 percent for Singapore and are ranked 25th, 38th and 52nd respectively when compared to 56 other markets that is tracked by Knight Frank. The tracking revealed that 9 out of 10 countries are showing an increase BUT almost half of them are showing an annual growth decline when compared to the previous quarter. Please do read the full article for this ranking by Knight Frank in NST here. 

Knight Frank International residential research head Kate Everett-Allen said, “The shift was most evident at the top of the rankings table. Thirteen of the 15 strongest performing housing markets around the world registered a slowdown in their rate of annual growth in the year to September.” Hong Kong is STILL in second place in the ranking but its price growth is now only 1.7 percent when we look at the last three months to September 2017. (This means it should drop down the ranking if this continues for the next few quarters)  It also showed the United States and the United Kingdom on different trajectories. Average prices in the US accelerated from 5.8 percent a year earlier to 6.2 per cent currently. The UK meanwhile faced a marginal dip from 2.8 to 2.6 per cent. China’s property market is already rising at their slowest for five quarters but even this still showed that the prices are up 6.5 per cent on an annual basis. Here’s that full article again. 

written on 15 Jan 2018

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