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Buying one affordable property, getting two ‘units’ and renting out one?

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Many ‘experts’ claim that there are no more affordable properties. Browsing the listings in many property listings site would tell us that this is not true. However, many do not like secondary units. For example, the peeling paint outside the building, the need to fix a lot of things inside the unit as well as the time needed to get it fixed to the level that is satisfactory. Very true, especially for the current generation of working professionals. They like a comfortable place to stay. Usually, modern designs appeal to them. Especially a unit where they can drop by the pool for an occasional swim. One which they have peace of mind as it is secure and guarded. One for which they can now call their own and themselves, an owner. How about owning one unit where the owner gets to stay and gets paid rental at the same time?

Perhaps a dual-key unit is an attractive proposition. Looking at the potential to rent out one of the unit or even two of the units, there is the HELP University and International School. HELP University is only 850m away from the radius of DK Impian. As for the size, it should be within the affordability of a professional who has worked for a few years. The project that has this potential is DK Impian by Pantai Berkat Sdn Bhd. With its medium-to-high entry price point, this project appeals not only to first-time home buyers but genuine investors as well.

DK-Impian has a good location on its side as well. It is bordered by Kota Damansara and Ara Damansara and within these two townships, the total population stands at 400,000. It is also sandwiched between two giant developments, namely Kwasa Damansara as well as Sime Darby’s City of Elmina. Beyond just these two catalytic giant townships, DK Impian is accessible by a few major highways such as Guthrie Expressway, Elite Highway, Jln Sg Buloh and upcoming DASH highway that will connect the Eastern and Western part of Klang Valley. Beyond just driving to work, DK Impian is also only a few minutes away from Kwasa Sentral MRT station, Subang Skypark KTM station, Rapid KL Kwasa Land and Sg. Buloh KTM station.

Coming back to the dual-key layout advantage from DK Impian. For singles, this provides a balance between living and working. In fact the trend of working from home is also growing these days. Instead of spending money in cafes, it’s much more comfortable to enjoy a cup of coffee in the working space or even the swimming pool within. For those aspiring to make this buy a stepping stone into their next property investment journey, they can also choose to rent out the other room for extra passive income. This goes a long way into helping the mortgage payment as well as help the owner to save more for their next property. To know in more details, do check out DK Impian’s site.  

Message brought to you by DK-Impian.



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