Buy, move away and rent out your RUMAWIP unit?

I am someone who wish that only qualified buyers would be given the chance to buy any subsidised homes from the government. This is a basic need that all Malaysians should have. If you disagree with this sentence, skip this article yeah. This is also the reason why I dislike anyone who somehow managed to get a unit even though he does not need it and then rents it out. As usual, he would have to use some unscrupulous way to get it. The worst thing is, after that someone got a unit which he does not really need, he would rent it out to get rental income. He has just gotten richer at the expense of someone who needs one. Okay, what happens if a qualified buyer bought a unit in KL and then he got transferred to another city to work? Should he be allowed to rent out his unit then? Else, he would have to pay for two homes?

According to the Federal Territories Ministry, owners under the Federal Territories Affordable Housing (Rumawip) could rent out their units subject to certain conditions. One example would be when the concerned owners were transferred to another state after purchasing the unit. Its minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said “We understand the predicament faced and do not want to burden Rumawip buyers. For instance, if they were transferred to Sarawak, the unit can be rented out as it cannot be left vacant. However, they can only rent out their unit to locals and this matter will be monitored by the Joint Management Body (JMB). Legal action will be taken if they fail to comply.” Rental could only be to locals and not foreigners. Please do read the full article in iProperty News here. 

Personally, I think this will be tough to monitor. Unless the Joint Management Body happens to know nearly everyone within the development. However, perhaps strict monitoring and quick legal actions may help tremendously. Perhaps an even better way would be to make all the owners affected by this transfer to make it known to the JMB. In this way, the JMB surely knows and can start monitoring. If the owners DO NOT declare as such, occasional random checks should be good as well. Once any unit found to be rented out without informing JMB, even if the owner really was transferred, actions should be taken immediately and then publicised to the whole RUMAWIP communities all other Kuala Lumpur. Issue a fine to start with and I think suddenly there would be suddenly many owners who would be registering with the JMB about them moving away. As for how would the JMB knows if the owners really did get transferred? Get their appointment letter and check loh.  It will take a little time but if we are serious, then let’s be serious. Else, as usual, the ‘cakap dulu, buat tidak’ would return.


written on 14 Jan 2018

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