Connections to PPR units? Do not trust them, please.

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When a deal is too good to be true, it is usually not real. The best deals would only be given to those people who are nearest to the deal. So, if the deal came from your best friend, it may be true. Else, you either lose your best friend or the deal is not true. Think about it yeah. It saddens me tremendously whenever people lose their life savings simply because they were cheated of it. Think of the years lost and think of the years ahead where these victims would have to suffer because they no longer have the money they have saved ‘forever’ for.  Another cheating case was reported and I think I should share with as many people as possible. It’s for affordable homes.

“Hey, do you want a People’s Housing Programme (PPR) unit? Here’s the LIMITED application form. You only pay me RM2,000.” Sadly, this is NOT TRUE and scammers have tricked more than 40 people to part with their money for an opportunity that does not exist.  Reported in TheStar, over 40 people have been cheated by scammers who went around these potential PPR applicants and telling them that they (scammers) have very good connections with the authorities and can help to ensure PPR approval success. Once they are convinced, then these victims would have to fork out between RM2,000 and Rm10,000 each for an application form which is actually available for free in the first place.

According to The Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Minister, the ministry was informed of this by a few groups of victims. What happened was that these applications were either not submitted or were rejected. Noh added that the application forms for all Government housing schemes such as PPR, MyHome, MyDeposit and PR1MA were free of charge. He urge all victims to lodge police reports. He added that his ministry would look into each case and assist victims to obtain PPR housing through proper channels. Read the full article in theStar here. Let’s all be savvy to the fact that working hard should be the reason why we earn money and investing money should be the sole reason why our hard earned money would earn us more money with time. Cheers.

written on 7 Jan 2018

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