First day of school, it’s smooth… to the office.  Nice yeah

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It was the 2nd of January 2018. This is the first day of work for many after some crazy weekends. On this morning, I expected the usual jam. I started my journey at 7:35am so that I will arrive in office before 9am. The jam did not happen. I arrived even before 820am and had time to slowly eat my breakfast too. Instead, my wife told me that it was extremely jammed at the road leading to the nursery for my two kids. I think there are just way too many anxious parents whose kids are going to the nursery for the first time ever. There were also many cars, all lined up along the road leading to a few schools within Sri Damansara. My staff in Penang also took leave to accompany her kid to school and so did my CEO and his wife. Okay, perhaps I am the lucky one since I have my wife to help plus I am very confident with my kids. Haha. Both did not cry today.  Daughter is in the 5 years old class and son is in the 3 year old class (pay school…..).  Many property thoughts went through my mind this morning.

Kids, lots of them would show to us that the demographics of Malaysia, at below 30 years old is very real and full of opportunities. The new parents may need a home instead of renting. These parents would want to upgrade to a bigger and better home. In fact, even more properties would have to be converted into nurseries and tuition centres. Parents would want a safe environment for their kids to run around, which meant that good developments would always be in demand. If the better ones are already very expensive, then these parents would move further away. Nope, those that do not meet their requirements would still not meet their requirements. It is thus not true that all newly built homes would be sold. Size vs affordability matters, all the time. For many of these new parents, a home close to a LRT or MRT is useful only if they need it to get to their office. It is not useful to send their kids to the nursery or school, yet.

Today, it is also clear that areas / neighbourhoods with access to schools, even the newer ones would be in demand. I have no fewer than 3 friends who moved simply because they wanted to be closer to the schools that they wanted their kids to enrol in. Perhaps it is time that some of these property listings sites think about property listings based on how far these developments are from schools? It would help tremendously versus the current searches which would always have to start with any area and usually, everyone searches only for the typical areas everyone else searches for. Perhaps some of these searches can even start with the MRT or the LRT stations instead? Developments are then listed based on the duration of them from the stations? Frankly, it helps tremendously. Happy sending your kids to school yeah. Crying is just a phase most kids would have to face.

written on 2 Jan 2017

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