Penangites, see you on 3rd and 4th February 2018.

I have moved to Kuala Lumpur for 5 years. However, I continue to drop by Penang every two weeks. I still own properties in Penang too because I believe the current slow market is only a passing phase. Property market Penang is a very resilient one. On 3rd and 4th February 2018, there are a […]

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Consumer sentiment in 2018 is positive says PropertyGuru

It’s a little tiring to keep explaining that the Malaysian property market is not going to suddenly crash. Anyway, investments are always a risk yeah, so there’s no guarantee that some unforeseen circumstances will not change the current situation. Perhaps I let a survey from PropertyGuru do the explaining as to some reasons why the […]

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No transactions, no changes in prices lah.

Last year (okay, only a few weeks back), a friend in Penang said, “Charles, you see lah, the property market is so slow, yet the property prices still show an increase. Makes sense kah? I think this figure is not real. Just look at all those advertisements, some condos are showing nothing less than 20 […]

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Clearing stock. Good for oversupply situation I think?

You know, people often commented that the year end sale in Hong Kong or Singapore is always better than the one in Malaysia. Actually, I do agree even if not for all items lah. One major reason? They lack the space necessary to store inventory, especially from the previous season(s). The stock for the new […]

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4 to 1 means 97,500 new homes needed yearly. (Then why oversupply?)

In my sharing during the recent iProperty Home and Investment Property Fair, I asked if everyone knows about the oversupply situation in the Malaysian property market. Many in the crowd nodded, acknowledging they know about it. Then, I asked if the oversupply will crash the market. Fewer people nodded their heads which is good. At […]

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The Rift @ MidValley. Lots of fun, definitely.

Are you looking for excitement and entertainment at the same time? Yet very safe?  Are you having teenage kids and wants to do something together with them? Boring weekends and need some fun-filled sessions? Perhaps this new attraction in town is for you. The Rift invited to drop by and review them. Here’s a […]

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Nano flats are wrong. BUT. 

The median prices for KL homes as at end 2016 is RM620,000. This is for units within the city centre and it is almost similar to the prices for Georgetown. Do note that this is for city centre. There are certainly areas outside the city centre which is cheaper and I think one main reason […]

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Up 25 basis point, low interest rate days over?

In case you did not yet know, our Bank Negara has hiked the overnight policy rate (OPR) by 25 basis point. In number term, this is 0.25 percent. A quarter of 1 percent. Assuming the banks use the exact same rate for the mortgage loan adjustments, then the difference in mortgage payment for a RM500,000 […]

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If you are a Gen-Y, then property should be a YES. WHY?

Your thoughts please. Do you believe the many recent studies telling us that Gen-Y (also known millennials) do not like to own anything, preferring instead to pay per use? From GRAB to renting a place and moving out when they have found a new and better place and even renting branded clothing and handbags instead […]

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Penang Property Outlook 2018 – What’s brewing?

In Penang, there’s one prominent local property site which is visited by most of my friends. In fact, it was not the most popular when I first got to know some property sites based in Penang. Today, has around 100,000 visits per month. Do visit them often. On a daily basis, my good friend […]

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