Seriously, why do you need your furniture to last ‘forever?’

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This article is for most Malaysians but not for the top few percent who has by far more money than they could spend yeah. This is for working professionals who believe investment is a key success factor for their future. Thus, they need to maximise the money they have with the furniture they could buy. Today, we talk about sofa sets. Not too long ago, a good friend debated with me on the price of a sofa set. I told her that my whole 3+2+1 sofa set was RM4,500. She asked me why was it so cheap. Actually, in my mind, I was thinking why so expensive since my earlier L-shaped Sofa Set + 1 was only RM2,000. She said there was one time when she bought a ‘cheap’ sofa set and it lasted just less than 3 years. Her current set was nearly RM10,000 and it has lasted her 5 years. She believe it would easily last her another 5 years or more. I know, there are definitely certain brands which is worth that much more money because it may have the massage function or even leather cover for example. Today’s let’s just talk about a sofa set with fabric cover yeah.

Well, if anyone were to ask me, then I think it is important that the furniture we buy can last many years. In fact for bed frames, I hope they could last forever. However for sofa sets, I would safely say nothing less than 3 years, hopefully. The reason I think so is because based on the value of money as well as the changing trend nearly every year, there is no need to buy something that could last forever anymore, if it costs a bomb at TODAY’s price. Why do I say so? Well, in just 5 years, that sofa set would already look ‘dated’ if not ‘jaded’ already. As for the price of a NEW sofa set then, well, it’s going to be almost the same. In fact, the prices seem to be going down too. just go to or and search for 3+2+1 sofa sets. The image shows something I search today itself from

From the time I bought my first home, 14 years ago, the sofa set prices have stayed almost the same if not cheaper. My sofa set then? Well, it lasted me 4 years, then my tenants continued to use it for the next 4 years, somehow. Well, why did the prices stayed almost the same or cheaper? Perhaps it’s because ringgit is going down? Haha. Just a joke. Ringgit has been on an uptrend in 2017. Sofa sets are quite awesome actually. Changing just that one set itself could help improve the whole ‘feel’ of the home.  That is why people spend by far more money on the sofa set compared to the bed frame…. So, I wish my good friend all the best. She can enjoy the same set of sofa for as long as she likes. As for me, well, perhaps spending half the amount today and half the amount 5 years later makes more sense with cents. Image shows with even more choices and at less than RM3,000 take a look at the sofa set that you can actually buy today. The same unit at this price and the technology was definitely not available 14 years ago. Happy spending.

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written on 25 Dec 2017

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