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“If you want to work, sure got job.” (Important for the economy!)

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Today, I GRAB to my office. The driver was 60 years old, driving the same car as me, an Exora. 🙂  He kept me entertained with a couple of old stories including how his friend’s new VIOS was damaged by the flood and now his friend has to pay for the car but could not use the car. He has been driving a taxi ever since he lost his job 15 years ago. He said, “If you want to work, sure got job. Just don’t be lazy.” Guys, this is so true! Instead of blaming the world for everything, how about just do something about it? Yes, I am talking to all those who has graduated but is still lazying around simply because they wanted a higher pay than what was offered or they felt that they are graduates and deserve something better. Frankly, only those who has worked very hard should deserve something better and not before.

Assuming this driver earns just RM3,000 per month net. It meant that if we did not work for 6 months, we have lost the earning opportunity of RM18,000.  This RM18,000 could have been spent on things within Malaysia and with a multiplier effect of 4, this RM18,000 has just become RM72,000! Benefiting so many other businesses. Yes, that’s the reason why unemployment is bad, for all countries not just Malaysia. That is the exact same reason why as soon as unemployment number drops, the Federal Reserve will up the interest rate. The reason is simple, when millions of people has a job, the multiplier effect to the economy becomes ‘crazy.’ Adding this by a number of years meant that the number of people having money as downpayment for property increases tremendously! Yes, this is the demand side of the story. Well, when demand increases, supply finds its way to start coming in. Whoa, the economy thrives.

Until today, there are still news of graduates unable to find a job but the issue is always about attitude. Come on, let’s be frank. How many jobs are 100% related to what we study. If you think this is just Malaysia, you are being very funny. There are thousands if not millions of people studying in less popular subjects and many continue doing well. My friend who has a 3rd class degree in Georgraphy is today a very successful businessman who can even afford to take time off just to go mountain-biking. I think for many of us, including myself, this is impossible to do. Perhaps it’s not just “if you want to work, sure got job.’ Perhaps it’s ‘if we excel in what we do, the world is an oyster waiting for us to open.’ Happy finding your dream but first step is to start working. I know.. some have their parents supporting. For these, as long as your parents continue contributing, I think it’s okay. Cheers.

written on 13 Dec 2017

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