IF you really love landed within Penang, spend some time and decide after.

I wrote about my personal experience with Balik Pulau property earlier. Read here: What’s UP with Balik Pulau?  There is one upcoming study tour to understand whether Balik Pulau can be your home sweet home. Instead of reading bits and pieces here and there, sign up to know more.  In terms of comments, Balik Pulau people would tell you it’s a good place to stay while Tanjung Tokong people would tell you Balik Pulau is FAR. So why not go to the actual place and ask lots of questions to Miichael Yeoh? The below is the full agenda for the “Discover Balik Pulau”by Miichael Yeoh. Please refer to the below for your reference.

Organiser: GM Training Academy
Date: 16th December 2017

Botanica Mansion,
Jalan Sungai Air putih,
Balik Pulau, Penang

Time: 10am – 6pm

Event highlights:

  • Discover Balik Pulau Tour
  • Balik Pulau talk by Miichael Yeoh
  • Botanica Mansion heritage tour
  • Kids Coloring contest (Please bring you own coloring set)
  • Goats Farm
  • and many more

At Discover Balik Pulau tour, you will go through the history of Balik Pulau, attractions, the upcoming development and also projects showcase.  Please write down all your questions in advance to ask!

* For Discover Balik Pulau tour please be there by 10.30am. The tour will take approximately 2 hours.

Click here to register for the event

The tour will end by noon and right after lunch, Miichael will be sharing about “The future of Balik Pulau”. He will provide facts and findings to all the attendees. I am travelling and would not be able to join but please do tell me after the visit. It may or may not be your home for a long time to come but Penang island will always retain that special value because it is still just an island. Well, unless reclamation can be done cheaply and new homes built on them are not priced very high. Happy listening.
written on 8 Dec 2017

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