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Own office and work alone? Co-work and get more benefits

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The startup scene in Malaysia is an exciting one. Let me just name a few which is now the envy of many Malaysians. They started just a few years ago. They include GRAB (yeah, that new challenger in the taxi scene which is changing the whole industry. I already have 3 friends who relies only on GRAB / UBER for the past 2 years). We also have FAVE (which has even bought over a few Groupons in different countries) and is now valued at over pushing into a cashless community enabler. There’s also iflix which is already having millions of customers throughout South East Asia.

Assuming we have an idea today and we want to see if our idea works, what can we do? Well, we can bounce our ideas with like-minded individuals. People with similar ideas can always join forces (that’s why some startups have a few co-founders) while people with similar aspirations to build the next amazing startup can continue to learn from many other aspirants. In the process, connections are built and that is also one key reason why cooperations can happen between two seemingly different startups. How do we get all these connections and build all these relationships? Co-Working offices can be a great start. What’s the first thing we need to consider if we want to become a startup founder?

Unless we have super-rich parents, the first is to make sure we have enough money to last as long as possible. First one is the cost to set up a working office.  In terms of office startup cost, we can think about minimising the cost of having our own office by searching for co-working spaces. There are many choices these days and with the slowdown in the commercial property market scene, we get even better deals due to competition. Many entrepreneurs are converting these office spaces into awesome startup communities. Where are some of them? Well worldofbuzz has listed a few here. More choices? Tallypress.com has a few here. Of course the numbers are growing every few months which meant that sometimes, the less competitive ones would cease to operate.

Below would be great reasons why it’s almost always better to get a space in a co-working office.

– Lots of great ideas from many other peers

– Everyone is working hard, usually. It’s best to be with them.

– I hate to work alone. (If you hate people, forget starting a startup…)

– REDUCE COSTS. From broadbands to printer and even buying own funky tables and chairs.

– Become useful to everyone and everyone will be useful to us. (friendship is forever)

– High quality office (with free gyms, fun meeting rooms and even a great location at a low price)

– Your personal network is really your future net-worth

Many more other reasons but I trust this is already better than to spend thousands of rental every month just to run an office. Sorry, I do not own a huge building which I can renovate and make it a great co-working space. However, if you have a co-working space and would love to invite me over for a cup of coffee, do write to me yeah. Email: kopiandproperty@gmail.com All the best in your startup dream. One day in the future, I hope to also own a startup which is big enough to become a public listed company. Currently, I would have to continue working hard and keep writing. Gambate to all of us yeah.

written on 5 Dec 2017

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