Lucky Draw – late 19th century Straits Chinese Nyonya Phoenix plate.

Message from MNP Auctioneers for the upcoming Straits Chinese Antique Auction in Lot 33, Penang. 

Any Penang based readers who want to win a plate with 100 years of historical significance? If you happen to be in Penang do drop by an exhibition of Straits Chinese Antiques happening in Lot 33, Penang. It is in conjunction with the 30th Baba Nyonya Convention in Penang, happening from 23rd to 26th November 2017. An auction will happen on the 26th November 2017.

This is a LUCKY DRAW. There are also NO FEES to be paid in order to join the lucky draw and win. Just sign up and be present on the day. The draw will be held on 26th November 2017.

Prize No.1 for Lucky Draw

Prize No 1 : 海峡华人娘惹凤凰瓷碟
Straits Chinese Nyonya White Base Phoenix Plate
Late 19th Century, Width: 19.7cm
Maker’s Mark: Wang Sheng Su (汪生肃造)
Estimated value : RM1,100

This is not the only item. If you did not get Prize No.1, you may still win the second one which in my opinion is pretty cool too! You get two items instead of one.

Prize No 2: 海峡华人娘惹凤凰瓷碟与酱盘
Straits Chinese Nyonya White Base Phoenix Plate & Sauce Dish
Late 19th Century, Width : 14.6cm (plate) and 10.8cm (sauce dish),
Maker’s Mark: Xu Shun Chang (許顺昌造) and Cheng Yi Tai (程義泰造)
Estimated value : RM700

All prize comes in wooden frame together with description

Here’s the form again. See you there.  2 winners will be selected and announced on 26th October.

For those who are thinking of bidding during the auction which is happening at 11am, just drop by earlier. Alternatively, do everything online. It’s easy to register as a bidder. Beyond just the antiques, Best2Bid is a platform for everyone to start their asset investment journey which is not just property.

— End of message —

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