Straits Chinese Antique Auction 2017. Mark your calendar.

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News from MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd 

Investment into collectibles? Or antiques. They need to have a story and the item should be rare. I have a good friend who told me that he wore a 150-year old wedding suit for his wedding. It was so delicate that as soon as the tea ceremony was over, he had to take it off gently and the elders would keep it for the next family wedding. I believe him because he is from the Melaka Peranakan community, also known as the Straits Chinese community. Some readings in WIKI here.  There will be a gathering of Peranakan community from Malaysia and the region in Penang from 24-26 November 2017. On 26th November, there would be an auction of Peranakan items for collectors who would like to keep something rare and historical.

The thing about Straits Chinese ware is this. They are usually rare because only the richer families could afford to pay for these customised items. The designs are also different from the usual Chinese ware for the China market which makes it even more unique. There are also a lot of items which were produced due to customs and these are usually just ONE piece in the world. Of course, with the passing of time, one broken piece means one less piece which makes it even more rare and precious. A good friend said that he would drop by and see how much his own wares are worth. They were from his great-grandmother. Yeah, perhaps this is the only place you an really view and appreciate the intricacies of these Peranakan items.

There was an auction recently for a few items from the Peranakan community in the International Luxury Collections Week in Penang just one week ago. Details of the auction here. Meanwhile the auction on the 26th November is the Straits Chinese Antique Auction. Details in the image on the left. A similar auction happened in May 2017. The details here: Peranakan treasures snapped up.  Any further information needed, do call the numbers listed. The consignment of items are already closed but feel free to call the numbers listed for future auctions. On a yearly basis, this kind of auction would usually be held twice. Happy visiting and see you there.

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