3-4 million visitors a year? Maybe more. IKEA Tebrau.

16th November 2017. That’s an auspicious Thursday, definitely. IKEA Tebrau will be opening to the public. “It’s about time,” some may say. My wife’s ex HR Manager drove the company’s lorry from Penang to IKEA Damansara to stock up and drove back. She was even pregnant then. Please do not ask me why people love IKEA. Seriously, I have no idea but I like IKEA too. Haha. Even if just for a stroll, it makes me happy. Perhaps this is a great place to relieve our stress as well, not just buying stuffs for our home. Coming back to IKEA Tebrau. It will be IKEA’s LARGEST store in South East Asia. Yes, perhaps even KLites would like to drop by to see what’s really so different about IKEA Tebrau. Across the causeway? Definitely suitable to drop by too. As for Penangites, can always drop by first while waiting for our own. (Yes, I am considered quite a Penangite too since I have stayed in Penang for 15 years) Early 2019 it shall be for IKEA Penang in Batu Kawan

IKEA Tebrau is 46,713 sq m. That’s over 500,000 sq ft. This is over 500 units of 1,000 sq ft condos side by side and full of ideas and design for our reference in creating or enhancing our home sweet home. Okay, some parts of the store is where their restaurant is and that is another great place too. 🙂  IKEA says this about themselves. “Affordable and Functional furnitures.” I have to agree because that bed in my home has been with me for over 3 years and it is still comfortable to sleep on. The price I paid was something below RM600. According to some media reports, there would be 8,000 home furnishing products which means lots of furnishing ideas. Within the store, there would be 54 Swedish-inspired showrooms catered to local homes too. Do not worry lah, visit 27 of these first on your first visit and another 27 on your next visit. By your 3rd visit, there may already be changes to them!

After feasting for the brain (sight and touch), visitors could find a place within the 750-seat Ikea restaurant and enjoy a plate of IKEA’s signature Swedish meatballs. Plus a cup of coffee which is refillable again and again. (Not too many times lah, too much caffeine is also not good for us)  According to some other media reports, IKEA Tebrau would offer job opportunities for 250 people. This is definitely good and hopefully these people would then have the money to buy their own home sweet homes. It’s a cycle of continuous growth.
IKEA Tebrau is within a 20-minute drive from central Johor,. It is accessible via the Pasir Gudang Highway and Senai-Desaru Expressway. Happy visiting yeah my dear Johoreans and Singaporeans. Cheers. Oh yeah, here’s my earlier article about IKEA too. My favourite store, IKEA. Whether or not I am renovating

written on 6 Nov 2017

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