A wet day in Penang. Take necessary precautions.

I was at Penang yesterday for a function and I left Penang just after lunch. When I was passing through the second bridge, I noticed wind was pretty strong and I slowed down my driving speed just to be cautious. Little did I know that it was just the start of a heavy downpour and this morning, I saw all the sharing of photos in Whatsapp. As per weather.com, the rain will be continuing in Penang for the next couple of days. Hopefully, it will not be as heavy. My condo in Tanjung Tokong was also affected and my tenant sent me photos of how the heavy rain affected the unit. My real estate negotiator friend will go over to look and get it fixed. Ithink it is important to be good to your tenants. This is not an expense which I should save. As for Penang as a whole, these are the photos shared by different Whatsapp groups, especially from friends in Penang. Please take care everyone in Penang. Take necessary precautions.

Take care Penang.

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