What is T20, M40 and B40? Just do more.

Someone searched for this phrase, what is T20, M40 and B40 and they were redirected by google to  Well, at least they were not redirected because someone searched for financial crisis. Haha.  So, what is T20, M40 and B40. There was an earlier article related to this: Most wealthy Malaysians – the top 40 Well, I searched a bit on google and found the chart from Malaysian Institute of Economic Research. It shows the potential growth path for T20, M40 and B40 till 2022. By 2022, the T20 would have a mean household income of close to RM30,000. This would be the top 20 percent households in Malaysia. M40 would have a mean household income of around RM7,500. This would the middle class Malaysians as per many statistics. The B40 would have a household income of less than RM4,000 per month by 2022. You may download their whole file here.

Yes, I do think all stakeholders including ourselves must do more. I learnt from a GRAB driver that working just on weekends, he could earn an additional RM1,500 per month. Perhaps this is one way to increase the potential income. Alternatively, it’s possible to start a blog for nearly free, make it big and start earning money from it. is far from the goal that I have set but hey, just from the WordPress banners alone, on a monthly basis, I have enough for a sumptuous dinner for my small family. This is without doing anything extra beyond just writing articles like what I am doing now. I have also learnt that a friend whose household income is already in the T20 will become a lecturer beginning November. She will teach just one day per week.

Many years ago, I used to lecture by part-time basis for a college and I was paid RM50 per hour. So, 3 hours per lesson x 2 times per week = RM300. Doing it for just 2 days per week (3 hours each time) means I could have an additional RM1,200 per month. I am sure the colleges pay more nowadays. A close friend who has been lecturing for the past 10 years by part-time is still teaching for a local private university until today. She said, the extra income is pretty good. She has stopped working a year ago to look after her growing daughter. I think what’s clear is that there are still opportunities to earn more income even if it is not through investing our hard earned money. According to some studies, the total full-time professionals would continue to reduce as people start to be free-lancers for many professions. I certainly agree too because I really hope that I could become a part-time lecturer when I reach 50. Hopefully by then, my teenage daughter would still want me to watch movies with her occasionally. Do more, everyone. We could and can.

written on 1 Nov 2017

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