90 pct occupancy for KL Eco City Mall by Q1 2018

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Malls are facing difficulties? I think some are really in trouble. It’s hard to come back, usually after it starts to fail. You visit a mall where 50 percent of the shops are closed, would you visit the same mall again? The toughest part is that you will tell your friends about it and they do not even give the mall a chance after that. Not all malls though. I still find it hard to find car parks in those super huge malls like 1Utama or MidValley or Sunway Mall. Well, I think malls have their work cut out for them, the newer ones. Be different and be something people wanted to have. I would love to drop by this next mall in Q1 2018; KLEC Mall in SP Setia’s KL Eco City.

Image Souce: KL Eco City website

SP Setia said that KLEC Mall would have 90 percent occupancy by Q1 2018. Yea, that’s a few months more but saying it to the world certainly means they have the confidence with the progress. Here’s that full article  in The Malay Mail. It says that it is encouraged by the fact that Jaya Grocer is taking up an entire floor of 54,0000 sq ft and there are a few more tenants on the way too. (Yes, I personally think Jaya Grocer is a good supermarket. The price may not be the lowest but the choices and the varieties are pretty good to begin with.)  SP Setia’s divisional general manager Tony Ling also shared that Jaya Grocer’s Bangsar Market is a very unique concept and its inspiration came from the Camden Market and Borough Market in London as well as the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.  He said, “Bangsar Market will stand out from the current competition with the integration of F&B into the concept providing opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of dining options.”

KLEC sits on a 25 acres prime land and it the first integrated green luxury development anchored by prime commercial offices, high-end retail outlets, luxury service residences and residential towers. KLEC Mall offers 250,000 sq ft of retail space in a five-storey mall and will open in Q1 2018. Full article in TheMalayMail here. Viia Residences may be something interesting for you? Here’s an earlier article.  It’s website here. Anyone whose new office is in the new KLEC? Take some photos and share yeah. Happy following.

written on 25 Oct 2017

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